Good Karma Sunday

I had a good Sunday. It turned out in no way like I assumed it would the night before when I went to bed.

I got up and picked up trash from the street in front of my place. It’s amazing what people will throw away. The area looks a little trashy under the Superior Viaduct. I think that’s part of the reason people litter like they do. If there were beautification of the area, I don’t think we’d see as much trash. I picked up a Target bag full of garbage. Many of the items were beer bottles but I also found fast food leftovers, a flip-flop and a lot of handbills promoting a cruise on the Nautica Queen. People just peel them off their car windows and throw them on the ground.

I gave a friend a ride home to the East side. I don’t go over to that side of town often because I don’t have any reason to do so. I figured I’d call my friend, Missy, and see if she wanted to have brunch. We ate at Eat ‘n Park. I asked for no peppers on my omelet but got them anyhow. I could have complained but why. By the way, there was a man at the checkout complaining about something. Not as good of a day for the folks at Eat ‘n Park.

I also figured I’d drop by my sister’s home. My nephews weren’t home at the time but they arrived they were suprised to see me. It was hot as heck so I took the opportunity to swim in their pool. They’d just opened the pool so we made a whirlpool. It was fun for them but it was all to clean the pool and get all of the leaves and sticks into the center so we could clean them up easier. My littlest nephew, Ayden, is getting bigger and he’s even rolling over onto his stomach. He doesn’t like being in that position that long though.

After getting a lot of sun (I’m burnt), I hurried home to attend Yoga, yes, Yoga! It was a free class and say what you will but it’s HARD! If you haven’t tried it, you have no room to make any fun. I couldn’t believe the trainer who was “practicing” next to me. She got into poses that I couldn’t ever see myself doing. They claim everyone has that potential. One of the big parts of yoga is breathing but you almost forget to do it when you’re concentrating on trying to keep your balance and not falling over.

One of the strange moments for me was when you allow your foot you were stretching to come back to rest on the foot. You’ve just spent about 20-25 minutes stretching that side of your body. When you allow it to rest on the floor, I felt two things. The first was that it was actually longer than the other side of my body. A really weird feeling! What was even stranger for me was trying to find the floor with my heel. I thought it would be about a foot higher than it was. It felt like I was extending my leg below floor level. Think of the feeling you have when you are going down steps and think there is another one there and it’s not.

I rushed home and went to bed only to be woken up a couple of times but the feeling of the sunburn in my shoulders and arms. Still, even with the sunburn, it was a good, positive Sunday, one I wouldn’t have predicted.