The End of April

Can you believe it’s the end of April already, doesn’t it seem like we just celebrated New Year’s just a couple of weeks ago? It’s amazing and scary how time flies. I’ve blogged a record 23 times this past month.* I’m trying to make this part of my routine almost daily, even though I’m sure no one reads this (exceptions; Jennie, Bruce & Mo!) This also just serves as a nice diary of my life. I need to figure out how to download it sometime for posterity’s sake

Yesterday for the second straight weekend, it was beautiful here in Northern Ohio. Dinner outside (er, almost outside at Brio), a walk on the beach (yes, Lake Erie has beaches and the sunset was awesome last night, I wished I had a camera. It rivaled some of the sunsets I saw in South Texas. I do miss them because sometimes they were just jaw-dropping) and even sleeping with the patio door open for a nice breeze. I love my seasons but as I’ve said, I’m ready for the next one. The trees are budding and leaves will just appear one day when you least expect them.

Countdown to the wedding is on and everything, I hope is going as planned. My passport doesn’t show expedited service but just routine and I hope I don’t have to fight with the State Department two weeks before the wedding to make sure it arrives on time. I walked up to the bride-to-be this weekend and gave her a big hug. She asked me what that was all about and I told her thanks for helping me achieve one of my life goals (going to Europe!) Now, I just have about a dozen other things to accomplish now.
*NOTE: Bruce, you could take a lesson from me I’m sure.

Johnny Chan’s Going Away Party

Now, you wanna have a little fun, get a bunch of TV people, mix in some radio and newspaper people and you’ve got a good time. John Chandler took a job in his home away from home, Boston.
He will be covering the Boston Red Sox for a New England regional sports network. It’s going to be a life-changing summer for him because he’s also getting married. Congrats on both JC!
These are just a couple of the several hundred pictures taken last night. You’d thought the paparazzi caught wind of the gathering. I was blinded half the night.

Camera Broke, Camera Fixed!

Imagine my concern when I dropped my digital camera. You know they’re not cheap. Of course, I have to have the clumsiness over barefloors and not carpet. The impact broke the battery compartment door. There’s a little plastic part on the door that meets with the camera’s body to lock the batteries in and that part broke. It’s not the best design from Olympus in the first place.

I immediately called the company to see what the cost would be. They said standard repairs cost $29.00 and that I’d have to ship the camera to them. I didn’t want to do this because the camera still worked but the door didn’t stay all the way shut. They didn’t want to sell me that part so I could do the repair myself. I’m a good taker-aparter and putter-back togetherer and was confident I wouldn’t break the thing.

So I searched online to see if someone did offer that part, enter, I was cautious going in because I’m not excited about doing business online with companies that I don’t know. Yes, Wal-Mart and Target, you’re safe, you’ll still get my money. I paid for the part which was several cents cheaper than Olympus’ repair costs and I didn’t have to ship off my camera. The part arrived in days (yesterday, in fact) and I took my camera apart, replaced the compartment door and it’s as good as new again.

If you’re looking for a single part for your camera, I’d have no problem recommending that website. They even posted my customer satifaction comment on their page. I hope you don’t have to use that website, but if you do, go for it. Just be careful with your camera, no bobbling!

Productive vs. Unproductive

Don’t you love how one day you’re productive and the next you struggle to get out of bed? Tuesday was my productive day but today’s another story. Yesterday was sunny and I got all sorts of things done, cleaning the place, washing the car, getting my hair cut and I even bought a bag of chips. I joke.

Today, it’s rainy and I could care if I do anything although I have plenty on the proverbial “to do” list.

I can’t wait for my passport to arrive for the trip. I got the “official” invite in the mail so I’m going. Now, I have to get the tickets there and to North Carolina for the other wedding I’m attending.

I’m working like a son of a gun trying to get one of my friends up to Ohio for a visit this summer and I have to make a return to Michigan one weekend.

Life comes at you fast. You just have to keep up. “C’mon keeping up.”

Current mood: Fantastic

“Heroes” Returns

Last night’s show got everyone caught back up what was happening on the show. It’s been off the air for several weeks and a lot of people waited for its return.

The interesting part for me is finding out who really is the bad guy. We know Sylar is evil and he’s killed several people to absorb their powers. We also know Linderman isn’t the nicest of people. Here are my questions and thoughts from last night’s episode. They are developing something with the Petrelli family. Peter and Nathan’s mother knew about their powers along with Claire’s ability to heal herself. Does the mother have some sort of power that she’s not exposed? I thought at one point during the episode Peter’s death was a way the writers could explain why Nathan and Linderman teamed up. “You heal my brother and I’ll do your bidding.” But that didn’t happen. Peter healed himself.

I’m getting tired of Candice, the illusion caster, who can transform herself into anyone else. It’s too convenient to do that every time. HRG’s wife, Nikki and even Claire… That’s enough all ready with her morphing. What does Linderman have planned for Micah?

The alliance of HRG, Parkman and Ted is an interesting one. They’re headed to NYC to destroy the tracking device that allows the corporation to find the “Heroes” anywhere in the world. I like where they’re going with this storyline.

The two minutes with Hiro at the end of the show just has to make you wonder, what’s next? The timeline constructed inside Issac’s studio gave a little (very little) insight into what could happen next but then the cliffhanger. You hear a sword come out of its sheath and it’s Hiro but looking a lot less geeky. Who is he and is he good or bad. We’re just six days away from the answer. Hopefully… gives a little insight into this question. Hiro in the future doesn’t turn evil. He’s trying to find the answers and save the world and the cheerleader. He reveals that Sylar kills Claire. He’s looking for the person to kill Sylar first so that doesn’t happen.

Stay tuned!!

Annual Boyz Day

And I’m spent… You can see for yourself, the first ever annual Boyz Day was a blast! We started off with breakfast at McDonald’s around 10am. We went downtown to the Great Lakes Science Center. Secretly, I think the boys appeased me by that visit. They enjoyed the wall bubble, the voice harmonizer and we rebuilt the St. Louis Arch after one of them knocked it over. It’s okay, you’re allowed to knock it over. It was fun for them but they never let their eyes stray from their big prize. Dave & Busters! They both ripped through their credits. It barely took them 45 minutes to spend 30 bucks each. We combined the tickets at the store and split their winnings down the middle. Less fighting about who got more tickets. They both got mini footballs and some other knick knacks. The footballs would come in handy when we got to my place. I have a full sized football but I went to get a junior football at Wal-Mart earlier this week. They liked throwing around their football better because they could catch them easier. We played a “make-up the rules as you go along” game of catch outside. We ended the day around 7:30 after their parents came to pick them up. We had enough energy for another game of Uncle/Nephew vs. Dad/Nephew before they left for the evening. I then took an hour and a half nap. Whew, I made it and it was a good time for the Uncle and the Nephews.

Just One Of Dem Days…

Ever have one of dem days when you know you have to get things done but just don’t wanna get out of bed? I’m sitting here on my bed, wrapped up with a comforter and listening to talk radio (C’mon Bob Frantz!) I gotta go to Kohl’s to get some new sunglasses, stop by for an appointment and get a new football for when my nephews come over this weekend.

That takes me to this Saturday that I’ve been looking forward to for several weeks. I’m getting my two nephews and we’re gonna have the first “Annual Boyz Day”. I have the day all planned out. We’re going to the “Great Lakes Science Center” for a couple of hours. We’re gonna eat at “Dave & Busters” and of course spend tons of taawd’s money at the games then we’re gonna come back and have a little fun throwing around the football and frisbee. One of my nephews can throw the football great, but he’s still a little wobbly catching it. The other one can catch like a champ but can’t throw it. It cracks me up! It makes for an interesting game of throw-around. You can believe I’ll post a follow-up on how that day goes. I can guarantee I’ll have a couple of stories. The boys love D&B’s. I’ll not be able to tear them away from the games. It’s my birthday present to both of them. They already have every toy they want or could ever want.

The last time I took one of them there, we ordered lunch and without any hestitation when the waiter asked what he wanted, he said “shrimp cocktail”, what 9 year old you know goes straight for the shrimp cocktail? That’s my nephew

With the forecast for this weekend, I don’t want them inside all Saturday long. Heck, I don’t want to be inside all Saturday long either. Again, it’ll be a blast and I’ll blog how it went! Say a little prayer for me…

Say┼Źnara Sanjaya

Finally, America made the right decision and sent Sanjaya packing. Now the competition, what’s left of it can begin. There, I’ve said my peace.

Idol Chatter…

Quick post on American Idol…

Enough with the Sanjaya craziness. Last night was terrible. He tries but he’s no match for the other people in the competition. Stop sending what little of the talented people there are on this show this year home, America!

The Day After…

I, by no means, am the first blogger who laments the events of April 16th, 2007 but I sure want to send out my prayers and condolences to the families who had their loved ones ripped away from them during these senseless shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech. 32 people won’t get to explore their dreams, won’t get the chance to have families or help change the world in their own ways. Many people just wonder why, how could this happen and it’s doubtful anyone will ever truly be able to explain the events. Sure, there’s the coulda, woulda, shoulda that’ll be talked about over the coming days but let’s remember what’s most important… the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends and just good friends who won’t ever get to see their loved ones again. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks.