Golden Globes

Two “real” posts in one day. I have to comment about the Golden Globes.

First, one of my favorite shows did very well last night. If you haven’t put “Ugly Betty” on your Tivo or DVR list, you should.America Ferrera, the star of the show, picked up honors for best actress in a musical or comedy series.

She’s really the break-out star of this new season of primetime shows, no matter what the network. During her speech, she said her character “is truly bringing a new face to television.”

The most recent movie I’ve seen “Dreamgirls”, took three Golden Globes, including Best Musical or Comedy. Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson won the supporting actor Globes for their parts in the movie. Hudson garnered a laugh from the audience during her acceptance speech when she said “You do not know how much this does for my confidence.”

My review of “Dreamgirls”? It’s a good story, it almost gets too “musical” for my taste in parts but it’s a good film about girl groups trying to make it big in the 60’s and all they had to go through to earn their place in the spotlight.

Hudson ended her acceptance speech with the dedication of her Golden Globe to a member of “The Supremes”.

She told the list of celebrities that Florence Ballard never got her chance but she would never be forgotten.

Ballard was the founding and original lead singer of the Motown group. The label’s owner, Berry Gordy Jr., replaced Ballard with Diana Ross, claiming she had more appeal. Ballard was forced out of the group and replaced. She tried a solo career before dying at the age of 32 in 1976. (Thanks to Wikipedia for some of this information)

Okay, last but not least, Reese Witherspoon, if I could have “one night only”… She’s HOT, and that spells hot! Fantastic!

“Look at you, have a have baby… in a bar” – Sweet Home Alabama