This weekend, I got the chance to go down to Hocking Hills and check out all there is to do there. I was surprised how beautiful it was. Saturday night was clear and the stars were unbelievable.

The hilight of the weekend other than sleeping in a tipi or teepee, whatevah, was ziplining at Hocking Hills Canopy Tour. I got the video from my camera and yes, that’s an up-my-nose shot half way through. I thought I could get my entire face but I just provided a brief shot of my nostrils. Hot, I know!

The noise you hear is what it sounds like. How do you stop yourself? With the suede gloves you have on your hands and a little pressure (read: friction) on the top of the wire. Trying to grab onto the wire is a no-no, think tearing off your arm in a quick motion. After all, you are going at times about 35mph. Heather and Mark were great guides, even if Heather did call me “Boo” the entire time. That’s a story for another entry. They made the tour fun and took a little bit of the nerves out of zipping down the lines, one of which is 580-some feet long.

So without any further ado, click on the video to experience the rush of Ziplining…

How about a certificate suitable for framing?

Nice nose shot right? I look forward to your comments,