HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

The battle over the next generation of DVD players appears to be over. At this point, it looks like Blu-Ray has won. The nail in the coffin is the fact Wal-Mart will ditch sales of HD DVD discs and players.

The world’s largest retailer said Friday it will exclusively sell discs in the Blu-Ray format. Wal-Mart joins Best Buy and Netflix in the decision. The move will be complete by June.

Now news out just this morning from a Reuters source said Toshiba is planning to throw the towel in on its HD DVD format. The Japanese public broadcaster NHK said the move will cost Toshiba millions of dollars to dump the technology.

Here’s my take on this long going battle. First, let me say, I bought one of the HD DVD players. The picture is stunning. If you take a look at the graphic put together by USA Today, you’ll see with the exception of the disc storage. Toshiba was clearly ahead in the development of their technology.

Sony put the Blu-Ray technology in their PlayStations and helped their cause in this war along by getting the gamers onboard with their format. It clearly is the better format because of the storage.

The problem is the players are so much more expensive than the HD-DVD players and aren’t as functional as the HD DVD. I’m glad the battle is finally over so we can get on with the new technology and there isn’t any more debate on the matter.

No HD Again!!

Well, CBS Sports did it to Browns fans again. Today’s game is once again not being broadcast in high definition and WOIO is again running the crawl explaining that CBS is not producing today’s match-up between the Browns and the Rams. Of course, up to now, there isn’t too many hilights for Browns fans. The Rams are moving the ball up the field like champs.

More to come, but c’mon CBS, what’s with the trend of not broadcasting Browns games in high def.?

Browns HD-Less

There’s a reason why “gameday” looks not so sharp. In a time when so many sporting events are broadcast in high definition, Browns fans with HDTV’s end up watching the games in standard def. When that happens WOIO runs crawls during each game telling people CBS is not broadcasting today’s Browns game in high definition. Why?

I have to interrupt my rant with a comment on the Browns’ first drive. The team scored on their first possession. Of course, a couple of penalties by Miami helped. Jason Wright rushed in for the touchdown.

I digress. I don’t want to say anything like “Cleveland is getting disrespected” The Browns aren’t by any means the best team in the NFL but how about a little love from CBS? Apparently, the Tiffany network is broadcasting six games each week in high-def. Four times this season, Browns fans didn’t have the chance to see their team in high definition. Next season, all of the games will be broadcast in HD but that does us little good this year when we’re on the wrong end of the HD spectrum. Of course, we don’t have to worry about the SD vs HD situation, the Browns have a bye week. Maybe when we play St. Louis in two weeks, we’ll get to see the stunning clarity of a high definition signal.

Another interruption, Derek Anderson just ran in the ball for a TD. Browns 14, Dolphins 3.

Side note: WOIO is the only Cleveland station still not broadcasting their newscasts in HD. They carry CBS HD on their high def channel. I’ve not heard of what their timeline is for the switch.