Blue Angels Callin’

Well, I had to come home early today from work because the Lemon Chicken I got at Rock Bottom wasn’t apparently cooked right last night at Rock Bottom. I needed rest to feel better. No gorey details, just believe me on this one folks.

So I’m sleeping and hoping to catch up on some sleep today but that’s not going to happen, why you may ask? The Blue Angels. Apparently them practicing and showing off for the Cleveland Air Show is a little more important than taawd’s sleep.
They have buzzed my building and I don’t mean with a doorbell about two dozen times this morning. We’re talking close enough to give the pilot a thumbs up, Iceman. I thought at one point they were trying to land on the roof. Well, it felt (and sounded like it).
Take a look at the picture. They’re close but too doggone fast. I mean you can’t hear them until they have passed you up. Those effers… {edit: Now apparently it’s the slower planes’ turns to keep me up — It’s going to be an interesting weekend for downtown dwellers!}

The Sleep Switch

After being on a day schedule for more than a week, it’s time to switch the body back to vampire mode. You’ll spot me out and about today in my bat form.

I am probably the only person who’s happy that it’s a cloudy day. I need to make myself sleep today throughout the day to start the process.

Of course, my place has two walls that are windows from floor to ceiling. No one warned me when I moved in that I would be working overnights. Summer is rough because the sunlight pours in the windows. Almost every room I have has a large window. There are three places in my place where you won’t find windows, two bathrooms and a closet. My bathrooms have cold granite tiles floors, my closet is oddly shaped, believe me and there’s no way I’m curling up in there.

I’m going to take some advice and buy a sleeping mask. Of course, I feel like I’m giving up some of masculinity in buying it. They need to block out the light. Keep me from seeing sun. When I see light, my body starts the process (think shuttle countdown) of waking me up. I want to make sure I sleep better this time on the overnights. If you check out some of the masks through the hyperlink, you’ll see they’re expensive. If I’m going for a mask, I want it to be comfortable.

Well, wish me luck getting sleep. This week isn’t going to be that bad because I have to work two more days. I’m off Friday which reminds me to remind you about the “Toast To The Trail” again Thursday night at the Atrium at Blue Point. Make sure you check out the Ohio Canal Corridor’s website for more details. Please buy a ticket and support this great cause!

Confused (& Probably Just Tired)

It’s the end of the week for me and I’m confused.

I have friends who are playing right now at “Around The Corner”. I should go.

I haven’t worked out today. I should.

I got some sleep during the day but I don’t feel like it was enough. I’m not going back to sleep for now.

I haven’t biked since the first day I was out because it was raining yesterday and Tuesday I worked out. I’m biking to Tremont tomorrow to go to the bank. (Robbers, I will have no money before or after I visit said bank so don’t even try. You will just be wasting your time and risk me running over your butt with my bike. I’m warning you I will do it. Seriously, don’t try!) Seriously!

I have a lot planned this weekend. I have a lot planned over the next three weekends. At the end of the week, it catches up with me, the lack of sleep, the “to-do” list grows out of control. Why can’t we have eight days to a week where we get three days off? I’d just probably plan more things on the extra day and ignore all of the little tasks I really need to accomplish.

Tomorrow night promises to be fun with the Ingenuity party that Cool Cleveland is hosting plus, I’ll be hanging out with a new friend. One of my out of town friends is visiting Cleveland. It’ll be good to see him since he’s sort of fallen off the face of the earth.

Saturday night will be fun. I’ll get to see one of my best friends as he hosts his annual pool party. I’ll have pictures probably posted via the cell phone. It’ll be a blast, I promise.

Okay, enough stalling. I’m going to Lakewood to “Around the Corner” to wish one of my friends happy birthday. I’ll work out tonight, I promise. Make sure to ask me tomorrow if I did, that way I won’t be able to skate on that promise.

Alas, the weekend cometh… At least that means a night’s sleep,

Two Person Life

One of my friends recently said something that hit home for me. He said he led a “two-person life”. I feel the same way.

When I arrive home, I look around and think how can one person create such a mess, where does all of the laundry come from, how can everything get so dusty and dirty so quickly, how can the carpet have crumbs and strands of fuzz all over it? I can barely keep up with everything.

Hence, the “two person life”. I need one more person around me to get things done, remember things and keep my life organized. By the time, I’m done with work, sleep and workout, I’m tired. Maybe not enough to sleep but just exhausted. I want to watch TV, surf the ‘net or just stare out my window.

The rest of my week will fly by because I have something planned every night. By the weekend, I’ll be exhausted and not even want to have any fun.

How do you get through your days, weeks and months?


I’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks. We’ve lost some people at work and a bunch of us are picking up the slack. It’s been tough on all of us. I hope there’s a break in the near future. It’s even been hard to update my blog and you know how much I like doing that!

My sleep pattern has been off so much. I slept last night and then was up for a little bit this morning. I fell asleep from 1pm until 5:30pm. I felt like I was in a daze yesterday afternoon. You know the feeling like you aren’t really there but it’s happening anyhow.

It’s funny because while I’m sitting here writing this about three cars have slowly driven past my apartment. I love how people gawk inside the windows of people who live in my apartment building. I wish we had reflexive glass that would allow us to see how but not others to see into the place. I hate closing my blinds because part of the point of having this place is the view of Cleveland. Sometimes I feel like a zoo animal. I feel like putting up a sign that says “Don’t feed the tenants!”

When I wave to the people in the cars, they realize I see them looking at me and they drive off. I’m just being friendly and acknowledging their interest in my exciting and sloth-like life.

Well, it’s time to get ready for another week at work. Fun!

Enjoy the week!

Talkin’ In Your Sleep

I wonder what I’d say. I’d probably be trying to convince myself to stay asleep longer.

People claim “your body will adjust to the schedule”. I don’t agree. It’s just not normal to get up at 3am in the morning. Your body is conditioned to be inactive and sleeping at the time of the day.

I don’t feel as tired this week but I do have to admit to sneaking back into an office for a quick 10 minute nap. That feeling normally hits me around 8 o’clock every morning. It’s kind of like that dozing off feeling some people get when they’re in class or even worse, driving. The funny part, I feel so much better after I power nap.

Here’s to making it to Friday!!