Weekend Vibrations…

An active day. I got up and cleaned. Believe me, I needed to clean. How can things get so messy? Rhetorical question but one that can be easily answered. I’ve also been wanting to go to the local Farmer’s Market for some weeks now. I’ve just had plans that prevented me from doing so. I got a dozen ears of corn and already had three of them. I love sweet corn on the cob! It’s a dinner tradition this time of year for my family. I’d never think of corn as an entire meal any other time but it’s acceptable now.

Speaking of meals, I had brunch at First Watch and some quality conversation. Good catch-up time outside that almost reminded me a little of Europe. Okay, it was just the whole sitting outside deal. But I digress… I also did a little shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s a fairly small grocery store but you could spend a lot of time inside looking at everything for sale.

I’ve increased my run once again. Today, I got in six miles on the elliptical. I’m thankful for that. I’m going to try to get an off day run in tomorrow of three miles.

What I’m most thankful for today is the two hour nap God granted me. Why do I say this? First, that I was able to sleep for this long in the middle of the day, that’s amazing. Secondly, I didn’t turn my cell phone off and that’s just a recipe for someone to wake me up is even more amazing!

BBAD Update: Things are relatively quiet in the Big Brother house. Amber is distancing herself from the rest of the houseguests. She and Zach are upon the block. Zach is using every chance he gets to campaign for himself with everyone. I think he’s cloned himself. Everytime they change cameras he seems to be in the frame. Jessica is loving her HOH status. Jameka is also using Jessica’s win to hang out and plot with her. During Friday night’s BBAD, they showed Jameka praying and crying for a long time before Jessica came up to the room and started talking to her. Jessica also claimed she’s very into church but doesn’t bring it up much for competitive reasons. ED and Daniele spent a lot of time plotting their moves in the house. Eric’s keeping a low-profile. He doesn’t have much to worry about with Jessica in control of the house.

Lastly, I finally got some additional pictures back from Europe and my friend took one of me that I really like. You have to look at it closely but it’s a great picture and I plan on framing it. In fact, after posting it, you probably have to click on it to get the full effect.

Hope you’re enjoying you weekend so far as much as I have!

Thursday’s BBAD

It’s a party in the Big Brother house. Everyone is so excited that Jen is gone. They keep talking about how happy they are all that she was evicted. Dick has been shouting out names which aren’t appropriate for taawd’s thoughts.

I had to laugh that Jameka is a school counselor but she just asked “What packages do you think they had in the show tonight.” In television, package is a pre-produced taped story. When reporters toss to their story, it’s called a package. During Thursday’s episode, the fight between ED and Jen and Eric’s antics were packages. It just goes to show you how quick you get acclimated to television once that’s all you do for 24/7.

By the way, Daniele and Amber are the only houseguests not with all of the rest of them in the HOH room. Talk about a briefing. Everyone seems to be at ease with everyone else now that Jen is out of the picture.

Stay tuned for the next twist though!

Thursday News

Let’s start with Big Brother 8. The houseguests unanimously voted to evict Jen from the house. Not one of them acted as if they were at all said. Eric said as she left, “Jen, as happy as you are to leave the house, we’re just as happy.” During the HOH competition, it came down to ED facing Jessica in the final two. Jessica correctly answered the question and replaced Daniele as the Head of Household. I can only assume that means, Eric, Dick and Daniele are safe. If I were Jessica, I’d put Zach and Amber up on the block. If one of them got POV, then I’d put up Jameka but send Zach home.

The Kokua Festival has announced their 2008 festival dates and I plan on going. It is April 18th and 19th. Before or after, I’ll end up visiting my two friends in Los Angeles during my trip. It’ll allow me to have my yearly vacation and get to see Jack Johnson in concert. Anybody wanna come with?

I’m sad to see one of my buddies leave for a new job in Cincinnati. It’s not that far but it’s not as close as a trip down the Ohio Turnpike to Youngstown to hang out. C’mon Frank! Well, I haven’t visited the Queen City too much so that’ll be a new place to hang. Of course, there’s always Athens. C’mon OU weekend. That’ll be coming up in a month or two, possibly Halloween. God save everyone!

Baby Workout

After more than a month back from my trip which destroyed my workout routine, I’m finally about back to where I was. I ran five miles today without much huffing and puffing. I’m trying to get back to the seven miles I was running pre-European trip.

Looking forward: to tonight’s Big Brother episode, I want to see if the producers work last night’s catfight between ED and Jen into the show. to reading what Daniele and Amber got to do during their trip out of the house.

Looking back: on a good night of sleep. 3:00am – 11:00am. I believe that adds up to 8 hours. NICE!

Breaking News from Big Brother After Dark

Evel Dick and Jen just got into an push and shove out in the yard. Apparently, Jen took ED’s stash of cigarettes, crushed them and then put them in bleach. ED fired back and took Jen’s clothes and locked them in the HOH room. Big Brother told Jen she can’t destroy other people’s property but she said she asked and was told she could destroy them. She started crying and decided to disobey her slop orders and got a bagel, apple and cottage cheese along with a turkey burger. ED verbally abused Jen like there was no tomorrow. Dick lit up a cigarette and then that’s when they two started pushing and shoving. BOOM! The control room throws up the “trouble slide” that says “Big Brother After Dark, We’ll Be Right Back!” They rolled some Showtime commercials. When we got back live, we see ED and Jen still verbally sparring back and forth. Moments later, Jen comes out to tell everyone the penalty for violating slop. She will be automatically put up on the block and can’t be saved by the POV next week.

Daniele and Amber are MIA tonight. They’re on an overnight trip away from the house tonight. I wish I could see what happens when they come back. I want to know what happened to them and what they think of what happened at the house while they were away.

Sunday Night BBAD

I’ve not been so great with these recently but here’s an update from Sunday night’s BBAD.

ED & Jessica are concerned about Daniele. Her birthday is today and she’s dwelling about her situation. She’s concerned about her boyfriend and what kind of relationship they’ll have when she gets out of the house. Jessica sent Eric into the HOH room to talk with her. Eric revealed he has a “lady friend” and understands how she’s feeling.

We get to see Amber saying a prayer. You have to smile when you talk about Amber. On Sunday night’s show, the producers (danged producer people!) made her out to be a complete buffoon. She questioned several words people said to her. Tonight when she said a prayer, she said “God Bless you, God.” I’m not going to comment on that. You make your own conclusion. She’s probably safe this week because it’s Jen who everyone wants to go home.

The houseguests are playing quarters again. Beer pong isn’t as easy to play on this new table. Happy Birthday, Daniele!

How The Internet Has Changed Everything

This post was going to center around craigslist.com but I decided I’m going to talk about a couple other cyber phenomenons. Sites like facebook, myspace and the aforementioned craiglist have forever changed how we meet people, network and just even flirt. Have you ever looked through the personals on craigslist? One of my friends was telling me the other day that he did all of the time. Of course, I’m incredibly curious so I checked them out myself. It’s amazing what you’ll find on there. So many people out there are looking for that special someone but can’t find them. You’ll find titles like “Needle In A Haystack”, “Fun Flirtatious and Ready to Get Freaky!!” and “Any Good Guys Left “. These people, in this case women, are searching for someone. facebook and myspace won’t ever probably replace the bar as the place to find people even though, everyone knows you won’t find your husband or wife there. I’m not exclaiming that it’s just the saying.

The problem I see with craigslist.com trying to be a place to find someone is how do you know who’s on the other end of the computer? They could be totally different than they describe themselves or they could be telling the truth. That truth could also be flawed because you’re getting their perception which may not be reality to everyone else. I noticed during my browsing that so many people want you to send them a picture and don’t even post one of them. It’s their ad so I think they should be the one posting in the first place. Are there stories out there where people have successfully met and ended up in a good relationship? I’m sure there are but one won’t be about me.

Hurricanes & Comets

I remember all too well living in South Texas and knowing Hurricane Emily was headed toward my home. It was unsettling to know there was nothing you could do but just wait out the storm and hope it would not destroy your home and damage your belongings. Right now, Hurricane Dean is churning in the Atlantic and heading toward South Texas. The most recent advisory from the National Hurricane Center tracks Dean into Northern Mexico. There is only a chance, right now, Dean will brush the Valley.

After watching Super Comet: After the Impact, I felt in the same situation as a hurricane. The show explores the catastrophe a comet would cause if it hit earth. I’m not going to get into all of the depressing situations but it wouldn’t be pretty. If it would happen you’d be in the same situation as a hurricane. You know it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do but just sit in fear.
Let’s just all hope and pray the comet never hits and that Hurricane Dean hits as a weak storm in a sparcely populated area.