Football Season… Bring It!

Football season will mean the end of summer but fall will be just as exciting here in Ohio. The Brown will be back in town and Ohio State is geting the buzz.

Buckeyes’ head coach, Jim Tressel is entering his eighth season as head coach and a lot of people wonder if he can bring a national champsionship home to Columbus this year. The professional handicappers say the Buckeyes will win the Big Ten this year. The big question is if they can get to the National Championship and if they can actually win it this time around.

ESPN College Football Live interviewed Tressel about the upcoming season, his star recruit and the Big 10.

The Big Ten went three and five in bowl games last year. Jesse Palmer asked Tressel if the Big Ten was a weak conference. “I think anyone that’s ever played against the Big Ten would refute that. The Big Ten is not a weak conference, it’s a strong conference. Did we lose the last two National Championship games, yes. Did we lose the last two Rose Bowls, which is a BCS venue, yes. And that gets the most notorioty. So I think you have to look in the mirror and say if you want respect, you have to win those games and so I don’t know if you ever get respect in debates, you get respect in action and 2008 is on the way,” Tressel replied.

Ohio State will have a high school standout on the field this year. Terrelle Pryor will cross the Pennsylvania/Ohio border to play for the Buckeyes. Tressel said he couldn’t wait to get Pryor teamed up with the other players and see what he had to offer.

One of the biggest match-ups this year will be September 13th at USC. People are saying if the Buckeyes can get past that game, they’ll head to the championship.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming season, even if it does mean the end of a Cleveland summer. Let’s go Browns and Buckeyes in the fall.

You Win One… You Lose One…

The Browns didn’t get lucky like they did during their game with Baltimore. The final pass didn’t yield the touchdown pass we needed to win the game against the Arizona Cardinals. I was thinking about going to that game and now it doesn’t hurt so bad that I didn’t make the trip.

The bigger news: Ohio State is atop the ranks of college football and is going to the National Championship. Who would have thought it earlier this year? Now all we need to do is come away from the big day with a win!

Can I Get An “O-H-I-O”?

Howdya like that? After a stunning loss, Ohio State football fans had to at least hope for a win against Michigan. We got it. We then had to hope for a miracle. It appears after a lot of patience, we may have gotten it. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the BCS ratings come out later today.

The Buckeyes want another chance to redeem themselves after last year’s loss.

We will find out how the Buckeyes will be ranked and who they will likely face in the National Championship when the final results are announced at 8pm tonight.

“After a college football season filled with intriguing results, we are extremely proud to be the outright champions of the Big Ten,” coach Jim Tressel said in a statement late Saturday night.

The Associated Press picks Georgia, Kansas, Virginia Tech, LSU and USC — the teams ranked 4th through 8th in the most recent rankings.

Ohio State will be playing in its third BCS national title game. In 2002, The Buckeyes beat $Miami 31-24 in double-overtime at the Fiesta Bowl for the national title.

Browns… In HD!

I was critical about CBS for not putting the Browns’ games in HD but today I got a welcome sight! A game in high definition. The Browns efforts right now aren’t so stellar. Phil Dawson just missed a field goal, that’s his second straight in the last two kicks.

Now, Sean Jones just caught an interception so we have to make something out of this now.

After last week’s horrible losses by the Browns and the Buckeyes, Ohio/Cleveland sports fans need a reason to get up on Monday. Let’s hope the Browns can end the game the same way the Buckeyes did.

Hey, how about Lloyd Carr? The Michigan fans who I talked with this weekend says it’s time for him to go. They love him but they’re looking forward to new blood to take on Jim Tressel. We’ll find out tomorrow!

Go Browns!!

Two Losses & A Win…

It’s taken me more than 24 hours to discuss what happened in Columbus Saturday. The undefeated Buckeyes lost to Illinois. No one expected it, no one wanted it, it just happened. Everyone was shocked. We couldn’t get past the Juice.

Fast forward to today and the loss that every Browns fan hates more than the loss itself. The loss to the Steelers. Bright spot, the unbelieveable punt return by Josh Cribbs. Romeo challenged the first call correctly but what the heck was he doing challenging the touchdown? That timeout could have changed the game. Everyone at the end just held their breath waiting for the referees to give the signal. It was one of those slow-motion sequences you see in the movies. The result wasn’t a Hollywood ending for Browns fans. Here’s to the “soft” schedule the Browns have for the rest of the season.

Here’s the win, Michael Symon, of “Lola” and “Lolita,” became the Food Network’s next “Iron Chef”. Can the masses get behind him for this win? Probably not, but we have to have some reason to push the covers down over our heads come Monday morning.

Here’s to the OSU/Michigan game. Go Buckeyes!!

What A Time To Be An Ohio Sports Fan

Let’s start with Ohio State who many predicted not to be that good this season. They are now ranked #3 in the nation in the latest AP Top 25.

1.) LSU
2.) California
3.) Ohio State
4.) Boston College
5.) South Florida

Ohio State plays Kent State this next week. We all know how that game will end. The following week, they face Michigan State.

But how about those Indians? We didn’t see the sweep so many people wanted over the Yankees but I don’t see New York coming back and winning the next two games.

The Cavs are ready to start up again and hopefully we’ll see a slightly different end to the season with the team winning the Finals this year.

The Browns, they are the Browns. Let’s hope for a couple more wins and some good showing on the field.