Ping! Clipper Conundrum

Let’s just agree that we all have our little idiosyncrasies. Some of us have more than others.
I always carry fingernail clippers. I’ve become loyal to the Trim brand over the years. The cut is even and your clippings don’t shoot across the room. You can also use them for many other things. I’m sure MacGyver has a pair of them in his pocket too. I’m not so sure about MacGruber.
At any rate, like many other people, I’m occasionally prone to losing things. Not as much as other people I know, no names of course, because I don’t want to end up in the dog house.
After losing a pair of fingernail clippers (why do we say pair?) I bought some new ones. Problem was, they didn’t live up to the old ones. They didn’t cut as evenly. People, especially friends and loved ones, found themselves in the danger zone when my fingernails got too long.
I couldn’t have this!
I took matters into my own hands and called the W. E. Bassett Company. I’m not opposed to calling a company, especially if I’m loyal to their product. The people told me the clippers aren’t made in the U.S.A. anymore. Turns out they are now made in China. All you have to do is check the clippers. They say “China” as opposed to “USA”.
The nice people at Trim took my complaint and mailed me out three new pairs of American-made clippers. I’m glad they had some extras. Here’s hoping they get more customers’ complaints and bring the work back home where people really know how to manufacture fingernail clippers.
Here’s the best news, now no one has to dodge my clippings anymore!

Some Customer Service…

I’m a Target shopper, that you know if you know me.
I think SNL’s skit about the Target Lady is hilarious and I could watch each of them over and over.
I wonder if it’s art imitating life or the opposite.
At our local Target, we avoid one of the cashiers because let’s say she’s a little strange.
Here was the conversation overheard there:
Elderly shopper: “Thank you for all of your help loading my bags into my cart.”
Cashier: “Well, I kind of have to, it’s my job…”
Customer: “We don’t want to buy this, I think it’s broken, can I leave it with you?”
Cashier: “Well, you kind of have to, if it’s broken, what else would you do with it?”
Cashier: “Have a nice day.”
Customer: “Oh, now I kind of have to because you told me so.”
Okay, the last interaction may not have happened but it should have.
We normally avoid her aisle because you never know what she’s going to say. I’m a little afraid she might bite.
Here’s another story of “the customer’s always right but this time from AutoZone:
(I thought I’d include the link but then thought why should I give them potential business)
Me: “I need to return my windshield wiper that I bought here because it doesn’t work correctly. It’s not hitting the windshield properly.”
Salesman: “Is it a winter blade?”
Me: “I don’t know…”
Salesman: “Does it have a little blue tab on the end?”
Me: “I don’t know…”
Salesman: “What do you know?”
Me: “I know that after I get a new windshield wiper and you replace it for me, I ain’t ever giving you any other business.”
Oh, yeah and I’m gonna blog about this conversation too!