I Don’t Know Jack…

or at least, I won’t get to see him when he plays Blossom Music Center tonight. If you read my blog, you know I appreciate his music. One of my former co-workers at KGBT in Harlingen turned me onto his music. She told me about this “Banana Pancakes” song and I checked the Internet for it and I instantly like it. Thanks, Marcy.

I’d thought of going to the Kokua Festival but it was in May. That month is during a ratings period so that was out. It would have been nice to jet to Hawaii and spend time there while seeing the big festival but it wasn’t to be.

He’s got a bunch of shows around the states coming up then he’s off to Europe to play a bunch of shows. How cool would it be to see Jack Johnson in Den Haag?

A couple of my friends figured I’d be at Blossom for sure tonight. One of them who found Jack Johnson through me will be there and with free tickets to boot. Boo!

Instead, I’ve got an appointment today with a non-profit organization. Later, I’m attending a meeting for the Flats Oxbow association. I have a couple of projects/issues I want to get addressed and hopefully someone will have some answers.

Besides, it’s supposed to be much cooler tonight. Who wants to stand outside watching Jack Johnson at Blossom anyhow? me… I’ll just have to hope that someone posts the concert online for me to download. Jack allows his fans to do so legally.