500th Blog Post

I’ve wondered what day it would actually happen but I guess you can mark down May 6, 2008 for this milestone.

I actually started blogging after searching high and low for a way to repair my Toshiba laptop. My screen would flap all over the place and it made it tough to type. When I found the fix on another person’s blog, I decided to start one up so I could help others as well. My CRV Oil Life Reset post gets a lot of hits. Of course, like other things, I get a little obsessed and end up posting 500 entries about my life.

On this cool occasion, I got some good news today from the people at the Ohio Canal Corridor and Jacobs Investments. This weekend during RiverSweep, we are going to clean up the area that many people who live in my building can see. I know we only have three hours and it’s going to take us all of that time to get it done. There are pallets, tires, wires and all sorts of bottle all over the place. I can’t wait for it to look a lot nicer after RiverSweep.

By the way, I’m hoping you’ll think about coming down this Saturday morning and helping out. The information about participating is available by clicking on the link above.

This is my 500th post so I don’t feel forced to keep it to one thought. I’m still typing on that Toshiba laptop that I’ve had for almost five years but my life has changed a lot since that first post. I’m no longer in Texas. I’m no longer in Avon Lake. I’m living downtown Cleveland. A lot of other things have changed that aren’t going to be included at this point on this blog. People who know me know what they are. I’m content now. How couldn’t I be, I’m sitting out on my balcony looking at Cleveland’s skyline with a blue sky as a backdrop. I have a great job, great friends and a great family. I have a dream place to live and I’m healthy. I ask you again, what else could you want? I count my blessings a lot and don’t dwell too much on what I want. If I continue life on this path, I’ll know that I lived a life without taking away many regrets.

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