Blogger Shirt

I’m stylin’ with a brand new Blogger t-shirt. It arrived via UPS while I was in South Texas. I figure with my 500th post not far off, I might as well sport one. By the way, mom2amara picked up one free. I spent about 20 bucks on mine but I’m not bitter, not bitter at all!

Just like the picture, it’s brown and here’s the interesting part, it’s made out of 70% bamboo. Who knew you could make t-shirts out of bamboo. The other 30% is cotton. It feels different. Bamboo has been praised as the “the natural, green and eco-friendly textile of the 21st century.” says The Japan Textile Inspection Association found that even after washing bamboo clothing 50 times, bamboo fiber still has excellent anti-bacteria properties.

I’m fine with all of these facts but I’m just happy the new shirt arrived and it’s very comfortable. Apparently, bamboo shirts are going to be something we’re going to hear more about over the next few months.

The Domain Switch

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you may have noticed wasn’t working a couple of days this week. Now, both that URL and will get you to my blog.

I have as my domain supplier. I had to modify the CNAME to google’s servers and then delete the “A” portion. If anyone is trying to do this, don’t get worried if your dot blogspot dot com URL doesn’t work for a couple of days, this is somewhat normal as all of the Internet catches up to your changes. I got freaked out and it was all for nothing. You can test to see if its slowly coming up by going to that dot blogspot dot com URL and hit ctrl+F5 a couple of times. At one point, you’ll notice it will eventually point to your new custom domain. I was thinking blogger was going back on its promise that they wouldn’t “leave your readers behind.”

I search the Internet and all of the message boards to figure this out mostly by myself. Blogger does make it seem a lot easier than it actually is. Deleting that “A” record, for users, it’s the top section on your MX Records page.

Good luck with the switchover. Hopefully, my newly found knowledge will help everyone else not fret like I did.