Bridge: To Light Or Not To Light?

It’s very strange that the B&O Bridge outside of my window is sometimes lit up and other times not.

The bridge is lit up with a maroon light. The bottom part sometimes is lit up with a blue light. It’s wierd that during the week when there aren’t as many people around, it’s illuminated. During the weekend, only the long part of the bridge is lit up.

I hope someone makes that change. It’s very inconsistent.

Seven Random Things About taawd

The meme: 7 random facts about me

The rules:

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  2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
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1.) When I was a kid, I thought Jack Frost was real. I didn’t think he was human but I was scared to death of him. My parents would tell me “Jack Frost was here” and I wouldn’t get out of bed.

2.) While I was kneeboarding back in high school, I hit a wake the wrong way after landing a 360 flip. The kneeboard came up and hit me in the face. I had braces at the time. The impact slit my lip and rearranged my teeth. The dentist I saw told me if it wasn’t for the braces I would have lost about a half dozen teeth. I got nine stitches in my lip and still have a scar. I haven’t kneeboarded since that accident.

3.) My cousin swung a croquet mallet like a golf club and hit me squarely in the nose. I have never lost so much blood in my life. My nose is still screwed up because of that accident. I have since forgiven her but will never let her forget it.

4.) I really don’t have that many fears of living, breathing things. Spiders don’t bother me, snakes don’t either, however I don’t have either as pets. I’ve somewhat conquered my fear of dogs after getting bit by my aunt’s german shepherd (she claims he scratched me). My fears are more life-oriented.

5.) I grew up on a farm even though my parents weren’t farmers. We rented the century home. Our landlord’s daughter’s family demolished the house and built a similar home on the same spot. Our house still exists but only in our memories and the hundreds of pictures my parents too over the years.

6.) I used to wear hoodies back in the day when they weren’t even popular. They were my security for some reason. I wore them to school everyday. I even forgot to take it off for picture day and my mother was furious mildly upset with me.

7.) My local newspaper named me and Janey Haskins as “Teenagers Of The Month”. Yes, I like other people who were trying to be cool sported a hockey hairstyle (yes, others call it a mullet). For pride purposes, I am not including a picture. You’ll have to trust me!

Here are my tags:
Bruce: He claims to be getting back into the blogging business. This will give him easy content.
Jennie: She’ll be a wiz at this and we’ll all learn something about her.
Megan: I read her blog every now and then.
Wet Cat: Apparently, his name is really Carl but for some reason everyone calls him Wet Cat.

I know I’m supposed to do 7 people but this is all I can muster. They will have to do.

Summer’s Over

We’ve past Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. The pool is closed. The temperatures could dip into the upper 40’s in the coming days for overnight lows.

I love my seasons. You’ve probably heard me in the past talk about the lack of Spring, Fall and Winter down in South Texas. Probably one of the best things about being back in Ohio is the fact, I can experience all of the seasons and not just for a couple of weeks.
In South Texas, you get fall for about three weeks, Winter for two weeks and then Spring for about three weeks. After these two months, it just gets plain hot and steamy. It’s nice to vacation. South Padre Island is beautiful. Mexico is definitely worth the trip. I don’t think I’ll ever go back and live there again. Yes, I intentionally didn’t put “never”.

Nothing quite smells like Fall in Ohio. I love this time of year. Apple Cider, donuts, pumpkin pies. It’s nice to be back in the Midwest!

Todd’s listening to: Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry (Raphael Gomes Remix)

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Gina Trapani posted this I haven’t tried it myself but it’s a strange concept that is a little scary.

“Can’t find your car in an enormous parking lot? This video shows you how to extend your car alarm remote’s range by holding it to your head. According to the video, “the oral cavity in your skull ampliflies the signal.” We haven’t tried this out ourselves yet, but you know we’ll be the weirdos out on the street with the remote to our head this afternoon.”

You can see if it works yourself. I know after I lock the car and start walking into the store I immediately wonder if I did indeed lock the door. So, I end up walking back toward the car to check for sure. Maybe this’ll take a couple paces off my journey.

You should check out, it has all sorts of random tips for life. I stumbled onto it for the first time today.

The End of April

Can you believe it’s the end of April already, doesn’t it seem like we just celebrated New Year’s just a couple of weeks ago? It’s amazing and scary how time flies. I’ve blogged a record 23 times this past month.* I’m trying to make this part of my routine almost daily, even though I’m sure no one reads this (exceptions; Jennie, Bruce & Mo!) This also just serves as a nice diary of my life. I need to figure out how to download it sometime for posterity’s sake

Yesterday for the second straight weekend, it was beautiful here in Northern Ohio. Dinner outside (er, almost outside at Brio), a walk on the beach (yes, Lake Erie has beaches and the sunset was awesome last night, I wished I had a camera. It rivaled some of the sunsets I saw in South Texas. I do miss them because sometimes they were just jaw-dropping) and even sleeping with the patio door open for a nice breeze. I love my seasons but as I’ve said, I’m ready for the next one. The trees are budding and leaves will just appear one day when you least expect them.

Countdown to the wedding is on and everything, I hope is going as planned. My passport doesn’t show expedited service but just routine and I hope I don’t have to fight with the State Department two weeks before the wedding to make sure it arrives on time. I walked up to the bride-to-be this weekend and gave her a big hug. She asked me what that was all about and I told her thanks for helping me achieve one of my life goals (going to Europe!) Now, I just have about a dozen other things to accomplish now.
*NOTE: Bruce, you could take a lesson from me I’m sure.