Social Insanity

I have to give credit where credit is due, I was thinking it, Keeping Up Appearance beat me to the punch and wrote about it.

While I was driving around the parking lot (not in circles) at Steelyard Commons after visiting my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart, I started to think how infrequently I use myspace anymore. Yeah, I already wrote about myspace vs. facebook but this social networking stuff is getting out of hands.

Right now I have:
myspace – I started somewhat for my job then it blossomed into a crazy addiction
facebook – I started because just one of my friends had it, now I have more than 100 friends
plaxo – I started because just one of my friends had it, I can’t tell you the last time I logged on.
linkedin – I started it because I thought it was the professional myspace. I still don’t get its use.
vox – I started it because just one of my friends had it and to comment on a blog.
yahoo360 – I don’t even know if it exists anymore, I don’t even know if I have a page.
twitter – I can’t update my myspace, facebook and twitter status at the same time. People apparently want to know what I’m doing, like “hey, I’m going to Steelyard.”

Of course, there’s my very own social networking site, I love my blog and don’t plan on giving it up. Thanks for your readership and your comments. They always make me smile.

I read text messages and get e-mail instantly on my phone. Oh and let’s not forget the fact, I actually have a cell phone so you can CALL me.

I have a Yahoo! e-mail account and always will unless they start charging or shutdown.

I have two gmail accounts. I have a hotmail account that’s surely dead now because I never use it. It always had too much spam for me.

Oh and let’s not forget my work e-mail or phone.

I’ll be using myspace less and less because everyone seems to have migrated to facebook. I think myspace got on the widget bandwagon too late. Now they’re offering putting applications on your page but everyone already has their facebook account set up already.

Facebook has become myspace on steriods and seems to be so much more accepted. One of my co-workers told me this morning he was actually thinking about signing up. I’d never expected it of him to say such a thing.

So, if you really want to get in touch with me, I’ve opened up some of the options, it’s only that now, I’m thinking about closing some of them down,


Cleveland Bloggers Unite!

I’m a member of thirtysomething bloggers on I know other people are members of twentysomething bloggers (don’t worry, your day is coming!!) I figure we should have our own place to play on ning called clevelandbloggers.

I haven’t used ning very much but I created clevelandbloggers. So if you have a blog and you’re a Clevelander (Northern Ohio applies,) join up today! You might as well, there’s no cost, no effort involved and you might meet some other great bloggers in the process.

Take it from me, there are some great bloggers out there I wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for blogging, let’s get a little organized (Allison, I know that word scares you!) If you don’t have a blog, you should start one, everyone’s doing it.

MySpace vs. Facebook

It appears to me people are abandoning in droves and heading to I have accounts on both. I was a big MySpacer for a time until I got just downright bored with it.

I only started a facebook account because one of my friends was so anti-MySpace. Now, I’m getting college friends (many of them I haven’t talked with for some 15 years). My pageviews on myspace would increase by 50 a day. Now, they hardly notch up that much during a week or a month. Is it that I’m less interesting? Hardly! I just think everyone else is getting tired of what MySpace has to offer as opposed to facebook.

I think people now equate MySpace with tweens and teens. It seems the adults (I’m not sure if I’m one of them yet) prefer facebook. I do like the fact you can customize MySpace but you can’t do the same thing with facebook. I’m up to 85 friends and I don’t even try to expand my list like I once did with MySpace.

When you are out and about, you’ll hear more people talking facebook than MySpace it seems. I can’t believe some of my friends are on facebook. Of course, some of them are strongly encouraged to do so.

Is myspace on the way out?

(yes, I should be sleeping, but for some reason I can’t…)