Chicago From The Viaduct

That would be Chicago playing at the Plain Dealer Pavilion in Cleveland…

I didn’t get a shot of the PDP but we took advantage of the proximity of my building to the venue to listen to the concert. Actually, if you stand where the picture was taken, you can hear the music better than if you were at the end of the Viaduct. However, at the end of the Viaduct, you can actually see the concert. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Now that the Viaduct is closed to cars for parking, it really has become somewhat of a park atmosphere. You can stroll down without having to worry about getting hit. Now, we have to get the people who walk their dogs to pick up their droppings.

Now, I digress… You’d have thought Chicago would have opened the concert with a classic but we didn’t even recognize the first song. I thought maybe it was an opening act. It must have been from their new album. They rolled out all of their hits during the show and came back for an encore with “26 or 6 to 4”.

Grilling, music and a beautiful night after the storms rolled away.

I’m ready for Earth, Wind & Fire next at the PDP.

This Friday at House of Blues, I’m going to see Gavin DeGraw and Marie Digby. My friend, Scott Smith, plays Flannery’s on Friday and Saturday night. Check him out if you’re in the neighborhood.