Can Cleveland Comeback?

Just take a look at the Cleveland Plain Dealer today and you’ll find articles about both growth and potential problems on the city’s horizon.

Eaton is closer to moving its headquarters down to the east bank of the Flats. The deal would be part of developer Scott Wolstein’s $522 million plan to revitalize that area. The complex would sit inside the area serviced by RTA’s Waterfront line. With the exception of Browns games and other special events, you won’t find too many people riding that rapid.

Rumors circulating around the airline industry claim Continental and United may be close to a merger. If such a deal happens, everyone wonders how that deal would affect Cleveland Hopkins airport. Continental operates its third largest hub in Cleveland. It also pumps in a lot of money into the economy and advertises the city often in its in-flight magazines. You’ll find a differing opinions whether a merger between the two airlines could end hub services by Continental in Cleveland.

Another major Cleveland corporation could be in dire straits. National City Bank is exploring strategic alternatives. Financial experts say that means they’re looking for a buyer or other options. This morning’s Plain Dealer’s headline says “Analyst: National City sale unlikely”.

Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center reports losses during its first quarter. The hospital boasts being one of the largest, most comprehensive health care providers in Northeast Ohio. Even the current economic times are hitting the busy hospital hard.

With all of this news, can Cleveland make a comeback? City and regional leaders need to work together to search for that answer.