Life, Not As I’d Planned It

One of my friends called me last night upset about things in their life. To them, it seemed like everything had been piling up and it’s hitting them all at once. I can sympathize.

My mother always told me and my sister never to compare yourself to anyone else. I’d say that’s sage advice. I often look at other people’s lives and think they have it all together. The truth is they probably don’t. We’re all human, make mistakes, get depressed, feel happy and long to be loved by that special someone.

My friend told me how they thought I had my life all together. They told me how they thought I had everything in my life on track. The truth is, I don’t. I had to think that I thought my friend had the same things going for them. I thought some of the things they did were more brave than anything I’d done in my life. I look to my friend for strength, advice and the energy that keeps me ticking.

I shared how I’d always thought my life would be much different at 35. I’d never thought I’d be single and living downtown Cleveland. It was what was supposed to happen to me, it was the right thing to happen to me. It wasn’t what I thought was supposed to happen to me. I figured I’d be married with kids and living somewhere in the ‘burbs. Of course, this blog would be a lot different if that were the case. I’d probably be complaining about my wife, kids or just life in general. For now, you don’t have to worry about those ramblings.

Another one of my friends taught me a valuable lesson, nothing happens on your schedule. Phil hammered it into my head until I got it. Now I get it. Whether you believe it’s God’s will or just how the universe is spinning out your life on this planet, I know I have limited control over my life. Sure, I try to flex my muscles and strong arm life sometimes but I realize I don’t have the strength to make somethings happen.

I get through my days with this outlook: What happened was supposed to happen. There’s a reason. Maybe I don’t understand it now but what happened did because it’s the right thing for my life. I’ll grow from it and my life will somehow be better whether it takes grief and happiness to get through it.

It’s my philosophy. Everyone may not agree with it but that outlook works for me and that’s how I get through each day… second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.

By the way, we’ll all look back and laugh right?