Get In The Holiday Spirit

Don't say Here’s your chance Cleveland to get in the holiday spirit with one of the biggest social events of the season. Scrooge’s Night Out!

Get in the holiday spirit with a little fun before all of that stress associated with the upcoming weeks.

For 21 years, the folks at the Ohio Canal Corridor have been hosting this holiday party that’s never disappointed the 1,000+ people who attend.

Take a break from all of the holiday hustle and relax this Friday night at “Scrooge’s Night Out” at the Galleria!

You can find out more by clicking here for the OCC website.

By the way, everyone’s doing it so you should to and the prices are very affordable for what you get that night.

See you there?

Happy Christmas Cleveland

The Cleveland skyline shows the holidays are here!

I was lucky enough to get some passes to Winterfest 2008. Narm, his girlfriend and I got to sit on the square and see the parade (of horses). Superior was littered with, well, what happens after horse eat what they eat. After the parade, fireworks lit up Public Square. The show was great. I will say I miss the old tree lighting with carols, the ice skating rink and Santa lighting downtown Cleveland. Francesca somewhat nicely insisted we get some Starbucks. Since when recently am I able to pass that place up? Pfft!, but whatevah! We were also invited to the after party at Cadillac Ranch. The night was nice, enjoy the pictures!

Thanksgiving Memories

You couldn’t live in my mother’s house without the smell of turkey wafting through the air. It would literally wake you out of bed. You wanna talk stuffing, you have to try some of my mom’s. Stouffer’s ain’t got nothing on her. It’s homemade and is so good, it’s almost sweet to the taste.

My mother always makes the turkey for the family. She’s mastered it over the years. You can count on it being juicy and golden. I’m thankful for her skills in the kitchen. She comes from a long line of great cooks and bakers. I’m sorta trying to keep up that tradition by stealing recipes from her when I can and then trying them out. Maybe I’m writing all about food because I haven’t had breakfast yet this morning.

At any rate, after getting up out of bed, I plopped down in front of the TV to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I would often fall asleep during what I call the “showtunes” portion of the parade. I have no real desire to ever to go New York City but I have always wanted to see the parade in person. Maybe that will be possible someday. My sister and I would sit and watch the entire parade until my mom and dad got on us to get ready. We’d end up going to my maternal grandmother’s side of the family a lot. My maternal grandfather’s side was all about Christmas. I don’t ever remember them hosting a Thanksgiving get-together.

We’d, inevitably, rush around the house to get showered and together for the day. We’d take a trip to great grandma Buckingham’s house for lunch/dinner. It was always a blast. My great aunt, Marsha, would always entertain everyone with jokes and funny stories. Again, the food would always be great because my family, they know how to cook.

So, I’m sitting her at my computer at 8:50am on Thanksgiving thinking about watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Instead of going to the Buckingham’s, I’m going to my sister’s house. My mother once again made the turkey but this morning, the smell of the bird roasting isn’t moving through the air in my place. It’s certainly making my sister’s home. In a couple of hours, I’ll rush to get ready and get over to my sister’s place before they eat.

Some things never change and other do, but I’m thankful for everyone and everything in my life. They are all blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading,

Jason Mraz Concert

Okay, I didn’t get to meet Mraz, let’s call it a little Mraz mix-up. Sure he would have been better off having met me but it’s all good. No problem Skippy!

The concert was great. I do have one thing that I did feel during the concert, TIRED. Jason didn’t help that fact by playing ballad after ballad. If I didn’t have three hours of sleep before I went to the concert things would have been much different. It was, on the whole, a great concert. I’m listening to his CD right now. We did a chicken dance-like routine to “Make It Mine”. “I’m Yours” was awesome. I heard the live version of the song online so I was familiar with how he sang the song live.

I may add more to this later but I wanted to put the pictures up.

Good concert and a great night!!

A Relaxing Week

I feel the holidays coming my way.

I couldn't be happier because I scored Thanksgiving and Black Friday off this year. Don't look for me to be getting up early this year like last year.

I am going to Jason Mraz tonight and I get to meet him. Thanks 'Becca.

I am happy to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It will be a special.

I will no doubt post some pix from the concert tonight, look for them.


The Biz Of Busyness

No, there’s no typo there. It’s not business rather busyness.

The one thing I see over and over again while I stumble across my favorite blogs and others I don’t normally read, you’ll see a disclaimer that reads something like this: “Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been crazy busy.”

I’m not immune to the syndrome, let’s call it IBBS (I’ve Been Busy Syndrome). There’s one cure for the problem just sitting yourself down and letting your thoughts flow through your fingers. I don’t like it when I go to my favorite peeps’ blogs and they haven’t updated and I’m sure you’re not happy when you visit taawd’s little space on the ‘net and don’t see any update. It’s a major crapper.

Sure right now, I should be:
folding clothes (I have two mounds, whites & colors, in my place)
eating breakfast (My stomach is growling)
paying bills (I’m sure someone wants my money)
cleaning up my place (I’m having VIPs stop by this evening)
sleeping (I can always use some sleep)
doing some work (I have a little organization to do for my project for GMC)
relaxing while playing this online game that I’m addicted to (one of my fellow players sent me a message wondering if I was okay because I wasn’t “on” as much.)
several computer projects (a little photoshopping, fixing my network, switching two of my computers around)
working out (seriously, I’ve become lazy and fear flabbiness)

But, I gave all of those things the “up yours” to write this blog so that I overcome the IBBS. I promise not to let it get the best of me.

Don’t let it do the same thing to you,

[by the way, do you twitter? if so, follow me at, you might be able to keep up with me just as well there.]

WGAR Mention

Okay, I didn’t get mentioned by name but here’s something funny my friend, Molly, e-mailed me this afternoon.

She says she was listening to WGAR 99.5FM this morning, and they were talking about freak accidents or something.

A guy called in and said he used to wash windows. He was on a cherry picker and it malfunctioned, he jumped off of it moments before it free fell two stories before crashing into someone’s window and then bounced off several balconies.

She says she immediately thought that his story sounded exactly like what happened to me.

At the end of his story the guy mentioned that the person whose window he broke was a producer at Channel 5.

It was my story! How funny!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you’ll find all of the details on a past blog entry. I also posted a picture of the outside of my building.

About two weeks ago, I found another shard of glass in my bedroom.

What’s more hilarious and random is that I talked with Jim Mantel this morning and he knew that I was from NewsChannel 5 and he didn’t mention the story.


[thanks to Molly for helping write this post, I basically just edited her e-mail. that’s laziness at its best]

Where’s taawd?

Okay, I’m like this uber-blogger and then I hardly do any blogging for days on a time… What gives Mr. taawd? I’ve been busy. RL as they say on the Internet. RL=Real Life.

I did want you to see this however, even though Allison beat me to it. Check out Beyonce’s new video with a twist thanks to the Bonnie Hunt show, which is on WEWS/Channel 5. 🙂

You’ll have to go to this URL because Bonnie Hunt’s Show won’t let youtube allow us to embed the video on blogs. Check out

Work has dominated a lot of my time. We’re highlighting local Cleveland radio morning shows. Radio people are people I enjoy. They’re cool, hip and quick on the humor. My theory about radio and television people is simple. Radio people want to be on television and television people want to be in the radio clique. For one reason or another, each of us picked either radio or television so we’re envious of the other person’s industry. I’ve been talking to all sorts of radio stations getting their appearances on Good Morning Cleveland all set-up.

I have a fun weekend planned. Let’s just say I’m going to spend some time with the ‘rents this Saturday. It should be a nice return trip to Wayne County. I think we’ll eat at “The Barn”. You find more details about the restaurant on this blog.

So speaking of food, time to get some for myself. Hmmm, someone say Ro K?