I Kissed A Girl…

Pop singer Katy Perry burst on the scene and made history with her new hit “I Kissed A Girl”.

She scored the Billboard Hot 100 chart’s 1,000th number one in the Rock era.

The singer’s single took the life out of Coldplay’s reign at the top of both the U.S. album and singles charts.

The song is no doubt catchy but it has parents around the nation, explaining to their kids why a girl is singing about kissing another girl and liking it.

Tweens and teenagers are bebopping around their houses and belting out the song, at the dismay of their parents.

Radio stations are taking complaints from parents who wish the song wouldn’t get the airplay it’s getting around the nation.

Katy Perry is the daughter of a pastor who began her career in the Contemporary Christian Music scene.

A simple search of the blogosphere will reveal the chagrin of parents. For me, it’s a good song, I can sing along to…