Winter = Comfy!

Yeah, winter hasn’t arrived but I LOVE, spell it with me, L-O-V-E, this time of year.

I do get a little crazy with going wicked bundled up.

I love my place cold. Not bone-chilling but cold. I sleep better I feel better when the blood is racing through my veins like Jeff Gordon drives his #24 car around the track. Throw on 18 comforters on that bed. I love snuggling up with all of that cotton and down all around me. Makes me feel like I’m invincible, just try to come and get me muggers, robbers and theives, your bullets and knives will never penetrate this fabric fortress.

When I’m up and outta bed, I throw on all sorts of clothes and not in a good fashionable way.

For instance, right now, I’m wearing the most ridiculous slippers, bad cotton socks that I got for Christmas, lounge pants that apparently were marketed for men but cut for a woman, a blogger t-shirt that’s made partially from bamboo, a big blue bathrobe that slightly too long for my arms AND a scarf. I don’t know why the scarf is necessary but most definitly is.

Yesterday, if someone had been peering up at my balcony they would have seen me sitting out on my fold up chair freezing my fill-in-the-blank off. Did I love it, certainly. I’ve sat out on my porch (with no walk-up steps, that would be a long walk up) more in the past week than I have the entire summer. Why because it’s cold, I’m dressed (although, not in a way, Kristen would approve of!) so warmly. Oh, I just remembered I was also wearing a bucket hat at the time, one like my Grandfather wears when he mows the lawn.

The get-up makes me feel like some crazy writer whose books make the best seller list everytime they crank one out. Er, maybe it’s more like a crazy homeless man. That’s how my mother described me when we talked on the phone. Actually, I just feel more like an old man who lost his fashion sense after John Travolta took to the dance floor in “Saturday Night Fever”.

But really, who cares, I’m comfortable, I’m warm and I’m happy,

The CD Project & The “Q”

Once and for all, the CD Project is complete. All of the files are named correctly and all of the CD’s have been ripped on to the MyBook drive. There are more than 11,000 songs on the drive and it only takes up about 40 gigs so there’s plenty of space for more. Thankfully that project is finished.

I’m starting to get used to having the “Q” as my cell phone. It’s amazing. I just put my gmail account on the phone. There’s a bad side to the “Q” with Sprint. It doesn’t have a native PictureMail feature. I put the gmail account on the phone so I could post pictures to my blog. There’s no built-in way that I’ve found yet to do such a thing.

Side note, I’m looking out my window now as the snow just keeps coming down. There’s actually a decent side drift on the roof of the other apartment. See Winter’s Revenge.

Winter’s Revenge

I have to admit I moved back to Ohio to experience this but NOT IN APRIL! Yes, I’m getting cabin fever and long for the days when you can be outside in shorts and get a good run outside without having to get on the treadmill. The Indians almost got their home opener in yesterday (Thanks, Grover for the discussion with the umpires!) Today, they cancelled their double header with Seattle. Mother Nature gave us a good taste of Spring with a record breaking high last week and then the bottom dropped out. I am ready for another season. That is why I’m happy I’m back in Ohio. No two weeks of winter or one week of spring and fall. Just give me Spring. By the way, I don’t think the saying goes, April SNOW showers brings May flowers…

The Snow’s Here

A wonderful surprise this morning when I got up to see what happened overnight. A fresh coating of snow out my window.
Everyone knows I’ve been missing winter here in Ohio. After spending two years in the extreme Texas heat, even some of the biggest snow haters would welcome a cold snap.
So enough about the weather, otherwise, I’ll end up earning my AMS seal.
This is someone of an historic post because it’s my 75th one. Okay, some of the entries were just pictures from my cell phones but they provide a great diary of life. Isn’t that why we post anyhow?
It’s going to be a fun weekend. I’m heading up to Detroit to see my friends and fellow bloggers, Bruce & Jennie. Jennie, has Bruce told you yet or was it supposed to be a surprise? Oops, but what the heck! I want to go to Ikea while I’m up there and take in the total shopping experience. I’m also hoping to see some of my other friends but there’s not a lot of time to do all of this.
So, enjoy the winter, if you can where you are. Don’t worry, spring is just months away!