Countdown To Shutdown?

My old homestate of Michigan can’t get its act together and produce a budget so there’s a chance the state should shutdown.

The Michigan Legislature did pass a temporary budget extension. It allows the state to fall into a partial shutdown.

The state’s governor, Jennifer Granholm and legislators are working against a midnight deadline that could force state government to partially shut down.

The Associated Press reports Republicans want Granholm to accept a temporary, emergency budget extension that would give lawmakers more time to craft a longer-term deal aimed at erasing a $1.75 billion deficit in the fiscal year that starts Monday. Granholm has said she won’t sign a temporary budget unless she has assurances higher taxes to pay for education, public health and other programs are part of the deal. She said lawmakers already have had nearly eight months to come up with a blend of revenue increases, cuts and structural changes to head off the crisis.

Ain’t politics fun?