Got Power?

or “The Mini Blackout”

Last night around 8:30, I was getting ready to make some shish kabobs I got at the West Side market when the power went out.

It was a little strange because the Powerhouse still had electricity and everywhere else I look did as well.

My neighbor called me asking if I had power, I did not.

I went out into the hall and it seemed like everyone who lived here was out wondering the same thing.

Apparently, a transformer blew. This wasn’t the first time this has happened in my new apartment building. Some tenants say it’s the third time.

While waiting for the CPP (Cleveland Public Power) to fix the problem, all of the tenants got together in the lobby and talked about their experiences at the building. It was rather eye-opening.

The good thing is, I’ve gotten to know some of my neighbors. They’re good people,