taawd’s Beauty Secrets

Okay, I got your attention. First, let’s clear up the air, I ain’t beautiful and I don’t really have a secret, that’s Narm, but then again he’s talking about deodorant.

I have dry skin, I’ll admit it, I flake like people want it to on Christmas Eve. I use expensive lotions to hide my skin’s anger. Now, come to find out it’s because I use bar soap on my face. I didn’t know you could mess up your face by using soap. I’m a dude.

Sure, I use the occasional hair product. I have straight hair otherwise. Sure, I like to wear a little cologne, I like smelling good. (That secret is Hollister’s Jake, in case you Internet junkies want to know what makes the taawd smell so spiffy!) Sure, I use expensive shampoos and conditioners to keep what remaining hair that has taken up residence on my dome not leave like Ohioans fleeing to other states. By the way, I’m one of the people who moved back because I missed it so much. Flee to the Clev people!

Anyhow, I got the beauty advice about skipping the soap on the face from a great friend who was appalled after seeing me quickly washing my face. Of course, I only do that for select people or if I don’t feel like taking a shower. You know, a quick touch-up to make yourself look refreshed. Hey, you can do it too all it takes is a wash cloth, a sink and soap facial cleanser.

So next time you see me out and about sporting that radiant skin about town, you’ll know why my face is also wearing a smile because it’s no longer angry. Wait, are we still talking about skincare.


[the preceding message was brought to you as a public service of taawd’s thoughts, serving the Internet for oh, about three or so years, give or take a couple of months either way or 728 posts.]