“Roller Boogie”

I went down to my neighbors’ place for what Stacie planned as a game night. She loves the game, Cranium, and I’d never played it. Her boyfriend, Josh, and I watched the ending to “Beerfest” and then Stacie started talking about her favorite movie, “Roller Boogie”.

The film stars Linda Blair (of “The Exorcist” fame) as a rich girl whose parents basically ignore her so she rebels and takes up roller boogie. In case you didn’t know, that’s rollerskating and dancing at the same time. Think of ice skating and disco mixed together and you’ll get the picture. Blair meets the best roller skater in town. He’s somewhat a nerd and doesn’t really fit into her social scene. They, of course, fall for one another and he teaches her how to roller boogie.

There’s also a subplot of a mall developer who threatens the owner of the roller rink if he doesn’t sell the place. The group of roller skaters all band together to save the rink and send the bad guy off to jail.

If you’re looking to see what people shouldn’t have worn in 1979, check this movie out. Cher, in one of her weaker moments, sings about “Roller Boogie” The rest of the cast are unknowns with the exception of Beverly Garland, and James Van Patten.

Believe it or not, the movie is on DVD, Stacie has a copy. There’s even a soundtrack. It’s out of print and never released on CD. There is a website dedicated to the movie. (I told you, Stacie!) It has a bunch of the mp3’s so Stacie can enjoy the music of her favorite movie.

I was actually thinking during the movie what I was going to tell everyone I did on Saturday night but instead of telling a white lie about something exciting, I’m deciding to come clean with the embarrassing truth, I watched “Roller Boogie”.