Winter = Comfy!

Yeah, winter hasn’t arrived but I LOVE, spell it with me, L-O-V-E, this time of year.

I do get a little crazy with going wicked bundled up.

I love my place cold. Not bone-chilling but cold. I sleep better I feel better when the blood is racing through my veins like Jeff Gordon drives his #24 car around the track. Throw on 18 comforters on that bed. I love snuggling up with all of that cotton and down all around me. Makes me feel like I’m invincible, just try to come and get me muggers, robbers and theives, your bullets and knives will never penetrate this fabric fortress.

When I’m up and outta bed, I throw on all sorts of clothes and not in a good fashionable way.

For instance, right now, I’m wearing the most ridiculous slippers, bad cotton socks that I got for Christmas, lounge pants that apparently were marketed for men but cut for a woman, a blogger t-shirt that’s made partially from bamboo, a big blue bathrobe that slightly too long for my arms AND a scarf. I don’t know why the scarf is necessary but most definitly is.

Yesterday, if someone had been peering up at my balcony they would have seen me sitting out on my fold up chair freezing my fill-in-the-blank off. Did I love it, certainly. I’ve sat out on my porch (with no walk-up steps, that would be a long walk up) more in the past week than I have the entire summer. Why because it’s cold, I’m dressed (although, not in a way, Kristen would approve of!) so warmly. Oh, I just remembered I was also wearing a bucket hat at the time, one like my Grandfather wears when he mows the lawn.

The get-up makes me feel like some crazy writer whose books make the best seller list everytime they crank one out. Er, maybe it’s more like a crazy homeless man. That’s how my mother described me when we talked on the phone. Actually, I just feel more like an old man who lost his fashion sense after John Travolta took to the dance floor in “Saturday Night Fever”.

But really, who cares, I’m comfortable, I’m warm and I’m happy,

The Return Of Jamz?

My jaw almost dropped to the ground after thumbing through my most recent Maxim magazine. I think you’ll have the same reaction to this advertisement for the Quicksilver brand.

Do these shorts look familiar to anyone? I’m concerned the company is trying to resurrect the Jamz/Jams trend of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Yes, I’ll admit (almost with tears running down my face) that I owned a couple pairs myself. Hey, I was just trying to be stylish (I say almost in pain).

We need someone and stop this effort right now. We can’t handle another wave of fluorescent colored shorts hitting the scene. They don’t look so bad when teenagers are wearing them but you know what happens after it’s no longer hip to wear them. People who have no fashion sense start to sport them. It was truly bad enough the first time they were en vogue. We don’t need another go at it.

By the way, if they do come back into style, you won’t see me in a pair of them. Thanks, I realize I’m older now and I’ll leave it up to the high schoolers to make the fashion statements. If things continue however, we may have to start an online petition against this horrible effort.