Where Will You Buy Your iPad 2?

Photo credit: Apple

Just four days and counting until the launch of the iPad 2. Since Apple has given very little specifics about where you can actually buy the device, many people are wondering just how they will get their hands on one.

Via their website, Apple lists two ways of buying an iPad 2. One of them involves a visit to one of their retail stores and an unimplied long wait for the device. The other option is purchasing your new iPad online.  Since there is no ability to pre-order, this is not an option for people who want to get their hands on an iPad 2 on Friday. According to 9to5mac.com, Apple will begin online sales at 12:01am PST.

Online reports say Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club and Walmart are all getting in on the action. However, there seems to be some concern that not all models will be available at all stores.  So if you don’t want to wait in a line on Friday outside of an Apple store, there may be some other options.

What is your strategy for getting your hands on an iPad 2 this Friday? What are your considerations for purchasing one? Will you go with 16GB + WiFi?  I’d love to hear your thoughts about why you are choosing one model over another.

Sold Out, Joined The Cult

If Narm can admit to wearing “Secret”, then I can admit I’ve sold out, I’ve joined the cult, given into the establishment. I can’t claim I don’t drink caffeine anymore. I’m addicted to Starbucks’ Tazo┬« Chai Tea Latte.

1.) I hate tea but it doesn’t taste like it.

2.) I hate the swarmy cliquey world that is Starbucks.

3.) I love the Chai Tea Latte.

Now, when I see a Starbucks I can no longer roll my eyes (a common practice of mine) I now want to pull out my debit card and get some liquid happiness. The Chai Tea Latte (God, am I really typing this?) puts me in a good place, makes me think of great things. Can something that comes in three different sizes honestly make you feel this good?

Great, just what I need a trip to Target and a stop at Starbucks on the way out.

Hell, I think I’m going to pick up a “Secret Powder Fresh” the next time I head to Steelyard.

Did you hear that?

That’s the sound of taawd throwing in the towel…

I Need A Bike

All of the cool kids are doing it now-a-days, biking!

I think I can cut down on my walking and my gas bill by getting a bicycle. Target has one on sale for under a $100. I just need two wheels, a frame and a comfortable seat.

So, here’s my question, will cheaper bike affect my ride? What should I look for when buying a bicycle. I’m not going to ride the Tour de France so it doesn’t have to be built from airplane grade aluminum. I just want something that will get me from point A to point B without a big wedgie and leaving me feel like I just peddled to the Point.

I’d appreciate your comments and suggestions!

Cold, How I Hate Thee..

I’m trying to kick this crazy little bug that’s making me feel about 25%. Going to Target for medicine proved a real trip. A jar of salsa fell out of the cart and onto the floor, smashing all over the place. God’s way of saying don’t buy that?

I got Advil Cold & Sinus which made me feel a lot better last night. Big props to Molly for opening up her medicine cabinet and hooking me up with some OTC’s last night. I took the Sudafed (which didn’t do much), I took the Nyquil (which didn’t send me to sleep for that long until I woke up not being able to breath.) The Advil had me feeling good this morning at work, which is all I’m asking for. I can’t miss work, we’re in ratings.

I’m sucking on a Cold-eeze, I’ve taken my multi-vitamin, my vitamin C, I’m well stocked with Ricola (Big ups to my Swiss brethern) and I just had a bowl of chicken noodle & rice soup.

This bug ain’t got much of a chance… I hope…

The Things You Buy…

I took a trip to Target, Wal-Mart and Marshalls today in Steelyard Commons. I had to laugh about three products I found.

1.) My new stainless steel garbage can. Why are they priced at $80? I didn’t pay that. You have to look at “Clearance” endcaps. I found a simplehuman trash can that retailed originally for $79.99 and I got it at Target for $34.00. I don’t feel like I threw out my money out with the trash.

2.) Some cereal I bought today exclaims “Now Better Tasting”. I was excited to see that now I’m going to really like it. I liked the taste before. After tasting it, I didn’t notice any difference in the taste.

3.) Another product I got says “Best If Used by 23:09 DEC 14, 2008”. So if I cook it at 11:10pm that day, it’s not going to be as good? I don’t think products need to be so exact.

Target Black Friday Ad

My friends at Target now want me to see all of the great deals they have to offer on Black Friday. So if they didn’t treat you with the same respect, you can just click here to see the ad.

No offense Target but I didn’t see any deal that I thought was a steal of a deal. See what you think!