Can I Get An “O-H-I-O”?

Howdya like that? After a stunning loss, Ohio State football fans had to at least hope for a win against Michigan. We got it. We then had to hope for a miracle. It appears after a lot of patience, we may have gotten it. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the BCS ratings come out later today.

The Buckeyes want another chance to redeem themselves after last year’s loss.

We will find out how the Buckeyes will be ranked and who they will likely face in the National Championship when the final results are announced at 8pm tonight.

“After a college football season filled with intriguing results, we are extremely proud to be the outright champions of the Big Ten,” coach Jim Tressel said in a statement late Saturday night.

The Associated Press picks Georgia, Kansas, Virginia Tech, LSU and USC — the teams ranked 4th through 8th in the most recent rankings.

Ohio State will be playing in its third BCS national title game. In 2002, The Buckeyes beat $Miami 31-24 in double-overtime at the Fiesta Bowl for the national title.