Blue Angels Callin’

Well, I had to come home early today from work because the Lemon Chicken I got at Rock Bottom wasn’t apparently cooked right last night at Rock Bottom. I needed rest to feel better. No gorey details, just believe me on this one folks.

So I’m sleeping and hoping to catch up on some sleep today but that’s not going to happen, why you may ask? The Blue Angels. Apparently them practicing and showing off for the Cleveland Air Show is a little more important than taawd’s sleep.
They have buzzed my building and I don’t mean with a doorbell about two dozen times this morning. We’re talking close enough to give the pilot a thumbs up, Iceman. I thought at one point they were trying to land on the roof. Well, it felt (and sounded like it).
Take a look at the picture. They’re close but too doggone fast. I mean you can’t hear them until they have passed you up. Those effers… {edit: Now apparently it’s the slower planes’ turns to keep me up — It’s going to be an interesting weekend for downtown dwellers!}