Your Table Is Ready, Sir…

I normally don’t get the “sir” part but I have a favorite table at Rock Bottom, which for those of you keeping score at home is now “Roc Bottom” right now.

The servers know it as 241 and my favorite place in the restaurant to people watch. George Wendt ain’t got nothing on me. If I’m there, I’m looking out the window at the people entering and exiting the Powerhouse. If you come dressed appropriately, I probably won’t say a word but if you come looking like Aretha Franklin dressed in BeyoncĂ©’s outfit, you probably won’t want to hear what I say.

Last night, I saw 241 was open from outside the door and I actually sprinted up the steps to claim it. If I was another 10 minutes late, another group would have claimed it. Their friends were sitting at the next table, don’t know if it was 240 or 242. They were going to push the two tables together. Hmmmpf, the nerve!! Anyhow, last night was a treat because a lot of people were dressed up for Halloween. Don’t get me started about the “holiday”, I’ve never been much of a fan. I stopped dressing up a long time ago. There’s also too much pressure associated with having the perfect costume. I always stink at my final choice. Someone asked me what I was dressed up as and I said “a high schooler, don’t you see I’m wearing Hollister?”

Back to the table, I’ve been known to get a little upset when someone’s sitting at my table. No, I never say anything to them but I have shot them some dirty looks. I’m sure they don’t know why but maybe they just think I’m a jerk. That’s okay, they’re in my spot. I have talked to Marco about putting my Mug Club medal on the front of the table. He’s apparently still mulling that decision over. He wants to put them on the backs of chairs, I’d be okay with that but it would have to be on the back of MY chair at MY table.

I first discovered the sheer awesomeness of 241 when Rebecca and I were sitting there one night. We were relentless to a part of the universe where rentlessness lived and frolicked. Since then, it’s my place to dine, partake, and watch the people who enter/exit the Powerhouse.

The game “Who’s dating up?” is also played at 241. It’s a great game for sociology. The rules are simple, either he’s dating up, meaning she’s hotter than him or vice versa. There are exceptions when there is parity between the couple. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re hot/average/ugly, it just means they’ve found their appropriate looking mate. Good for them!

If I’m not there, please feel free to sit at 241 and experience the totally tubular experience. If you see me come in, I hope you’ll at least have the respect of getting up and moving to an open table so I can enjoy my time at the Rock.

(a lot of what I said is for your enjoyment, I really do love 241, it’s a great view but you don’t really have to move for me. I will probably shoot you dirty looks from another table tho.)