First, Bernie, Now, Issac?

I never like looking at my My Yahoo! page and seeing that someone has died. Saturday morning, I saw the obit for Bernie Mac. Moments ago, Yahoo! greeted me with another death notice. The wife and other family members of Issac Hayes found him dead in his Memphis home. I’ve always been told that death comes in threes, I don’t look forward to seeing who’s next.

I can’t claim of being an overly huge fan of Bernie Mac. His comedy certainly changed the industry and the stand-up scene. His show was popular enough to make it into reruns. He hit the movie scene during his role on “Ocean’s Eleven”. Mac died Saturday morning of complications from pneumonia at a Chicago-area hospital.

Now, Issac Hayes who made “Shut your mouth” a national catch phrase. Of course, that’s a lyric from man Hayes was talkin’ about, Shaft. E! News Online reported “Police were called to the Hayes’ home when relatives found him unresponsive on the floor near a treadmill.” Hayes was popular with the younger generation because of his role as “Chef” on “South Park.”

Here’s a strange connection, E! also reports Hayes had a small role playing himself in the upcoming movie “Soul Man” starring Mac.

A sad weekend for the entertainment industry…