Bush Confused

Courtesy: AP Photo/APEC 2007 Taskforce, HOI don’t normally blog about politics but this isn’t about Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal.

I’m also not exactly timely on this post but I had to comment about President Bush’s confusion while in Australia.

He was there representing our country at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. Only sentences into his speech he said “Thank you for being such a fine host for the OPEC summit”, referencing Australian Prime Minister John Howard. The problem is he meant APEC. It’s an annual meeting of leaders from 21 Pacific Rim nations. OPEC, of course, is an organization made up of 12 major oil producers. On wikipedia.org, one of the first things you see on the OPEC page says this:

The President also called Australian troops, “Austrian”. There’s also his decision to exit stage left on his way out. Apparently, that would have taken him off a steep drop. The other world leaders redirected him down the center of the stage where steps took him down to the floor.

It must take some people back to the days of Gerald Ford. The former president was a noted athlete but was also regarded as clumsy. During a presidential trip to Vienna, he tripped over a step while deplaning Air Force One. Chevy Chase often parodied the former president on Saturday Night Live, performing pratfalls for laughs.

Support him or criticize him, sometimes his actions and words have to make you laugh. youtube for the video. It’s worth it.