It’s A Boy…

Although we knew that going into this whole thing… Here’s the headline about my new nephew. Ayden Donald was born December 8th, 2007 at 3:07 in the morning. He weighed 7 pounds, 14 and a half ounces.

He arrived a little earlier than his Christmas due date but noone in the family thought he’d wait that long. Some people (his great-grandmother) thought he might be sharing the space with a wombmate.

He and his mother are doing fine. His grandparents are a little tired today after staying up most of the overnight to see him born.

His uncle will get to see him for the first time today. Of course, his uncle will no doubt have pictures to share on his blog soon.

The Big News

This is the big news I’ve been waiting on for some weeks. In a past post, I mentioned my sister was pregnant again. It’ll make me an uncle for the third time. Take a look at the color of the bow on the baby basket and you’ll know what my sister is having. She just found out today and she just called me about 15 minutes ago.

We are all very excited that we’re being blessed with another addition to the family. There’s going to be a little age difference between the boys. The older ones are eight and ten years old. So it’s going to be a little different for them to have a little one crying and interrupting their sleep. I can’t wait to see how they’ll do with the new baby. He’s going to be a great Christmas present this year. I can’t wait to see him for the first time.

My sister says the doctor says everything looks great. Now, it’s just time for him to cook a little.

New Deliveries

Got some great news about two new deliveries… One just happened, one will happen around Christmas.

My sister let me know about three weeks ago that she’s pregnant. It’s going to be interesting because both of my nephews are older (8 and 10) and it’s going to be interesting having a little one running around the house. I couldn’t put the news in my blog because she didn’t want to tell anyone because she’s still very early in the pregnancy. Now, however, the secret’s out and I can spill the details. The younger nephew is more excited than the older one. We’re all hoping that it’s a girl. I’d like to have a niece.

My friend, Dave’s wife, just had a baby. She had him five weeks early. He’s premature but the doctors say he’s doing very well and everything looks great. I don’t have the vital stats at my fingertips. Here’s what I do know, the baby’s name is Jagger Richards. Dave is a music buff just like me. His first son’s name is a tribute to Aerosmith.

Congratulations to Dave and his family and my sister. More details to come about both little bundles of joy coming soon.