When Is Hi-Tech Too Hi-Tech?

I think the answer is when I’m blown away by the technology itself. The Motorola “Q” is like a laptop. The keys are a little clumsy but it’s amazing. I had to wait until April 1st to get all of the rebates on the phone. I somewhat miss my flip phone already but it’s just all about taking some time with the next phone and figuring it out. There’s a lot to figure out. Supposedly, I can get my e-mail on it. Write word documents, etc. It should be fun and it does have an mp3 player and that’s a big bonus! I’ll have more of a review soon!

New Phone

My $150 dollar rebate from Sprint kicks in 12 days from now. Do I need a new phone? No. Do I want a new phone? Yes. My current phone came out just before the bluetooth revolution. I have carried around a clunky Jabra adapter now for about a year. I hate it and having to charge it stinks. Speaking of charging, my current phone’s battery is starting to go south. It’s not holding the charge like it once did. I want a phone that has Windows Mobile, a media player (so I don’t have to join the iPod generation and has a keyboard to text. Yes, I hate texting too but it has it’s place and I’m getting tired of T9W. I will not be getting a Razor. Everyone I know who has one has had problems with them. One of my friends is on her fourth one. Why do I want those problems? I’ve surfed the Sprint site and think I’ve found one that could work. Check out this phone and see what you think. Yes Bruce, I’m looking for your input. I know Jennie reads my blog, you may have to tell him to respond, the lazy SOB. Here is my problem, it’s a Motorola, the same company that makes the Razor. I don’t want to have the same trouble other people do. So, I’m looking for input, here’s your open call for advice.