Weekend Recap

Good times so far this weekend.

I got my new computer up and running fully. I have to do some housekeeping inside the machine; tie-wrapping cables, installing the hard drives in their bays, putting the cover together. I will probably spend some of the day getting software installed on it. It runs Windows Vista like a champ. Basically, the freeze problem centered around the fact that I was running a hard drive and a cd-rom drive off the same IDE bus. It’s well-documented that you can do this but for some reason my computer/mobo didn’t like it and pouted (read: froze up!).

I’m writing this blog before I officially start my day. I’m going down to my friend, Kevin’s house to get my new bicycle. What a friend! He’s giving me the bike. Of course, I’ll ask him like 50 times if I won’t take any money for it and he won’t but that’s how we roll. I’ll probably have to stop at Target for a bike lock and cereal.

I got to meet Mel, a fellow blogger, whose place on the Internet garners a lot more attention than my little space. Say it ain’t so! You think she’s awesome from reading her posts? Try meeting her in person. She’s great and a laugh riot. ‘Nuff said for now.

Housework definately is in the plans for today. I have a load of clean laundry sitting in the dryer. Thank God, I have an iron. Oh, and there’s another load of clean laundry that somehow found it’s way on the floor. {looks around like he doesn’t know who did that}

And there’s sleep… I’m in early for the next two days at work to help with our morning newscast. One of the producers is off so I’m going to be a writing machine. My fingers and typing skills are going to get a workout.

Speaking of that, I don’t know what I pulled on the right side of my chest but it hurts like a mutha. I suspended my workouts for about four days and tried working out Friday and it seems to have come back. It HURTS! When I sneeze, I have to hold my hands to my face to stop from jerking forward, otherwise it feels like someone suckerpunched me in the ribs. Zowie!

Okay, seriously, I have to get going else all of the aforementioned things are just either not getting done or they’re all going to back into one another.

So, I’m off…

What Can Brown Do For You?

For me, it can make my blog look a lot better. Now, I believe I’ve joined the ranks of Mel and Alexa and have somewhat of a professional looking blog. Do you get the whole Cleveland Browns color scheme?

The big facelift didn’t come easy. I tried to get it close to where I wanted it before I took off the bandages and let the world see what the new ‘do looked like.

I’ve got some tweaks to make but this blog design will stay with me for a while. I’ve got tabs (more to come) along with a good blogroll. You’ll notice some more tweaks over the next few weeks. Don’t be scared, click away.

Other good news to report, I think I’m winning the battle of my new computer. I’ve been trying to fix it while sharing the time trying to get the blog updated. It still freezes up on me every now and then so I have to figure out what’s causing it to malfunction.

{rolls eyes} I need sleep!

Migraines, Meet-Ups & Machine Mayhem

First, I successfully kicked the butt of a migraine. I went into work this morning, suffered through the night with a light sensitive, noise avoiding, low-tolerance head knocking pain. I managed it through the morning newscast but I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to head home. After a few drugs and forced hours of sleep later, I am happy to say it’s gone but I still have that numb feeling going on.

After reading some of my fellow Cleveland bloggers (you can check them out, most are listed on the side of the page) I have to admit a little jealousy that these cool people are meeting up and I haven’t been invited lucky enough to attend one of their little conventions. I hope that will change. Alexa should get the ball rolling for a informal/formal meeting of all of us. It’s just a nomination, no pressure.

Finally, I took a trip to Micro Center yesterday and got a bunch of new components to put together a new computer. I have a lot of good stuff from an old machine, so it wasn’t that expensive. The good news is, it’s fast!! The bad news is, it freezes up and that means slow! There are a bunch of things that may not be correct with the setup. My neighbor, who hooked the thing up for me, is out of town for two days so I’m just going to have to wait until he gets back to get the thing working. Please say a little computer prayer or keep me in your computer thoughts because this sort of thing drives me batty. I’ll obsess about it until the thing works right. I conquered the migraine, I’ll claim victory over it too!

Rebuilding A Friend

I know I’ve gotten sort of “Dear Abby” in a couple of posts, that’s at least what my friend, Jennie, had to say.

So, time for a little Tim “Tool Time” Taylor entry. The computer I’ve had the longest took a poop, at least the power supply did. I want more power (electricity and speed) on the computer so my next door neighbor is trying to convince me to take a trip to Micro Center to get a new motherboard, processor and power supply. He guarantees I can build it better and faster for about $300.

The old HP at least needs a new power supply. It’s a Hewlett Packard Media Center 864n and it’s been a workhorse for me over the years. It’s still looks slick and new. I bought it, believe it or not, about five years ago as a refurbished unit.

It’s been able to keep up with my needs since then and allow me to do some video editing, photo fixing and just every day surfing the Internet. I feel like I do need a desktop in my place. Sometimes you just want to sit down in front of a computer at a desk, don’t get me wrong, wireless is great but you can’t rival the desktop sometimes for productive projects. Buying a new desktop isn’t in the cards for me right now, I can use the money to do other things that I want to accomplish this year.

A strong thunderstorm is moving through the area right now and I’m just sitting on the floor looking out my window watching it rain, wondering if Chicago will get to take the stage tonight at the Plain Dealer Pavilion. I don’t really want to drive over to Mayfield during rush hour in the rain. Maybe the old friend will have to wait a couple of hours before emerging with new power and speed.