Hold Me Close Young Tony Danza!

I have the complete “Friends” series on DVD. I bought it last year and have been through about half of the episodes. I have to say I forgot how funny the show was. I hate that I have to say “was”. Now, I’m watching the series from a different light. I’m older now, I have more life experience, I’m feeling a different way after watching it.

The dynamic of the cast and the way they changed through the series is interesting to watch from the beginning. I need to resume my viewing of the series but I hardly have time to get everything else done with my schedule that includes, work, working out, sleep and having some sort of fun.

By the way, I’m so glad Time Warner has included the Boomerang Channel on my TV line-up. Call me a kid at heart but I love the classic cartoons. Don’t even get me started on the Superfriends. It was a childhood favorite for me. I can remember wanting to get up every Saturday morning to watch the show. The channel also has Banana Splits, Tom & Jerry, the Flintstones and many other cartoon classics. I also have all of the Scripps Cable network channels in HDTV.

Ah, now if I just had the time to watch them all!