“We’re Semi Famous…”

A couple of Cleveland bloggers hung out last night at Bar Cento in Ohio City.

Allison from Confessions of a Cohabitant arrived on time and was waiting for the rest of us. Allison, one thing you should know about me, I’m prompt but you know what a day I had yesterday so I had to finish up some of the “chores” of being a friend. ‘Nuff said.

Mel from Life, Liberty and Pursuit Of Your Boyfriend and I arrived next. Alexa, from Cleveland’s A Plum arrived moments later. She set the whole thing up in the first place. We missed Narm from White-Collar Redneck for dinner but we got to meet up with him for the impromtu Blogger after-party. Narm, thanks for understanding the Case joke. For the record, I’m a Case IH guy, not a big John Deere fan. I may even spring for a Massey Ferguson first.

We ate, and boy, did we eat. The Chef & his Widow took care of us throughout the night. Everest, what a cool name, was our server and I believe he took away a nice tip for his great service. Bar Cento has some great food. We had pizza topped with eggs, fries with flavored mayonnaise, green beans with cherry tomatoes, pizza topped with blue cheese and a lot more. For dessert, ice cream scoops and a great berry and cream dish. Both were great. Have I shown enough love.

I can’t forget to mention that the Plain Dealer’s Friday section’s photographers were out. Of course, they saw this good-looking table of people and wanted to take a picture of us. Alexa asked how we could make sure it got in an upcoming edition. I quickly added that “We are semi-famous people so you’ll want to make sure it got included.” I think I embarrassed Allison a little bit (err, a lot). I mean come on though. Mel’s like one of the most social people in Cleveland, check out her blog and how many times she’s been published. Alexa’s blog readership is off the charts. Allison knows tons of people. I’m don’t have any of the aforementioned traits, my looks have to carry me. Oh, wait, you won’t get very far with that. Chef Jonathan was around so we had the PD people take one of all of us. His inclusion all but guarantees us a spot in the paper. So keep your eyes peeled…

After we left we went to the Federated Knitting Mills Building which has been converted into residences for a little blogger post-dinner get-together. Narm was there with his girl and we got to meet Allison’s BF. After reading Allison’s About Me section again, I totally feel for her BF because it seems like he’s the clean freak I am. I can’t deal with left open cabinets, open drawers or toilet paper going the wrong way. Clothes on the floor are okay, we all have busy lives. What can I say, I’m neat, not cute.

Alexa organized this meet-up. By the way, Alexa got the official “you’re out of control” compliment from me. She’s crazy (but in a good way). We all agreed to do it more often and even have an occassional get together during the week. I vote for both. They are all good people. Make sure to give them some hits on their pages. They make me laugh.

(i believe i beat everyone else to the punch and i wasn’t even trying. i don’t have the pictures however so you’ll have to click to other people’s sites to find them.)