The Snow’s Here

A wonderful surprise this morning when I got up to see what happened overnight. A fresh coating of snow out my window.
Everyone knows I’ve been missing winter here in Ohio. After spending two years in the extreme Texas heat, even some of the biggest snow haters would welcome a cold snap.
So enough about the weather, otherwise, I’ll end up earning my AMS seal.
This is someone of an historic post because it’s my 75th one. Okay, some of the entries were just pictures from my cell phones but they provide a great diary of life. Isn’t that why we post anyhow?
It’s going to be a fun weekend. I’m heading up to Detroit to see my friends and fellow bloggers, Bruce & Jennie. Jennie, has Bruce told you yet or was it supposed to be a surprise? Oops, but what the heck! I want to go to Ikea while I’m up there and take in the total shopping experience. I’m also hoping to see some of my other friends but there’s not a lot of time to do all of this.
So, enjoy the winter, if you can where you are. Don’t worry, spring is just months away!