Annual Boyz Day

And I’m spent… You can see for yourself, the first ever annual Boyz Day was a blast! We started off with breakfast at McDonald’s around 10am. We went downtown to the Great Lakes Science Center. Secretly, I think the boys appeased me by that visit. They enjoyed the wall bubble, the voice harmonizer and we rebuilt the St. Louis Arch after one of them knocked it over. It’s okay, you’re allowed to knock it over. It was fun for them but they never let their eyes stray from their big prize. Dave & Busters! They both ripped through their credits. It barely took them 45 minutes to spend 30 bucks each. We combined the tickets at the store and split their winnings down the middle. Less fighting about who got more tickets. They both got mini footballs and some other knick knacks. The footballs would come in handy when we got to my place. I have a full sized football but I went to get a junior football at Wal-Mart earlier this week. They liked throwing around their football better because they could catch them easier. We played a “make-up the rules as you go along” game of catch outside. We ended the day around 7:30 after their parents came to pick them up. We had enough energy for another game of Uncle/Nephew vs. Dad/Nephew before they left for the evening. I then took an hour and a half nap. Whew, I made it and it was a good time for the Uncle and the Nephews.

Just One Of Dem Days…

Ever have one of dem days when you know you have to get things done but just don’t wanna get out of bed? I’m sitting here on my bed, wrapped up with a comforter and listening to talk radio (C’mon Bob Frantz!) I gotta go to Kohl’s to get some new sunglasses, stop by for an appointment and get a new football for when my nephews come over this weekend.

That takes me to this Saturday that I’ve been looking forward to for several weeks. I’m getting my two nephews and we’re gonna have the first “Annual Boyz Day”. I have the day all planned out. We’re going to the “Great Lakes Science Center” for a couple of hours. We’re gonna eat at “Dave & Busters” and of course spend tons of taawd’s money at the games then we’re gonna come back and have a little fun throwing around the football and frisbee. One of my nephews can throw the football great, but he’s still a little wobbly catching it. The other one can catch like a champ but can’t throw it. It cracks me up! It makes for an interesting game of throw-around. You can believe I’ll post a follow-up on how that day goes. I can guarantee I’ll have a couple of stories. The boys love D&B’s. I’ll not be able to tear them away from the games. It’s my birthday present to both of them. They already have every toy they want or could ever want.

The last time I took one of them there, we ordered lunch and without any hestitation when the waiter asked what he wanted, he said “shrimp cocktail”, what 9 year old you know goes straight for the shrimp cocktail? That’s my nephew

With the forecast for this weekend, I don’t want them inside all Saturday long. Heck, I don’t want to be inside all Saturday long either. Again, it’ll be a blast and I’ll blog how it went! Say a little prayer for me…