Mash Up

This is a mash-up post. Got a lot to say but don’t want a lot of little posts. Here goes…

I took a friend’s advice and watched the BBC’s “Hotel Babylon”. It’s a good show that could fill the void for “Mile High” for me. For all purposes, it is Mile High, it’s just set around the hijinx that goes on inside of a five-star hotel. Good stuff. I watched four of them today on OnDemand. I love OnDemand. Search my blog for more on “Mile High”.

I’m watching “Flight of the Conchords” right now. It’s an HBO show and it’s kinda offbeat but it’s enough to keep my attention. I’m watching the second episode right now. That should say something. Adrienne suggested I watch it. Not bad so far.

I do miss having the CBC. “Coronation Street” is a dirty pleasure of mine. I miss laughing at the show all while trying to figure out what they’re saying with their harsh British accents. Truly great TV. Maybe I’ll have to move back to Detroit so I can watch four episodes every Sunday morning.

Speaking of marathon TV viewing, is offering the Friends 10 season DVD collection for half off. There was no way I was paying $300 for the collection but $150… yeah, they got me. If anyone wants to have a week long sit on my couch marathon, lemme know. The couch is comfortable….

Finally on the Mash Game… If you haven’t heard one of the prettiest/wacky songs out there right now, you should log on to ingrid michaelson‘s myspace page. How is it that you work Rogaine into song lyrics? She figures out how to do just that!

Have a great week!