Coffee Chaos

Since I’m working mornings, an ugly monster has reared its head back into my life, McDonald’s breakfast. It’s truly a guilty pleasure. It doesn’t help my diet but I don’t eat all of those cookies, cakes and sweets like I once did. I guess it’s my comfort food. It has been for years.

My friends know I don’t drink coffee but I’m happy to get mom2amara a cup of joe when I go to McDonald’s for breakfast. She tries to give me a couple of bucks but if I can’t buy a co-worker an occasional cup of coffee, I have to check my budget.

This morning, I was talking on the phone, driving and honestly, eating some breakfast. So far, I multi-task fairly well. When I turned the corner of East 30th, over went the beverage carrier tray. The coffee spilled all over my floormat. It was coffee, nothing sticky or smelly. I somewhat even liked the aroma of the java. I decided to bring the floormat to my place for some cleaning. I checked out underneath the mat and realized none of the coffee had seeped through.

Here was my surprise, the floormat apparently prevents a bunch of liquid from soaking through to the bottom. It’s weird because the bottom of the mat looks like fabric, not rubber or plastic. What looked like three-quarters of a cup of coffee washed out of the floormat.

Gotta love those Honda engineers for designing a floormat designed to keep liquids in the mat and away from the carpet lining my CRV.