Men vs. Women

A new Indiana University study turns up some interest findings about attractions between men and women. Researchers looked at the behavior of 46 people taking part in a speed-dating session. Speed-dating is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to find someone.

During the study, attractive women got more attention from men. Potentially wealthy men got the nod from women. The participants said they hoped to find someone who was like them. The study shows men sought the more attractive women and the women were drawn to material wealth and security.

Lead researcher Peter Todd said “While humans may pride themselves on being highly evolved, most still behave like the stereotypical Neanderthals when it comes to choosing a mate.”

Dr Glenn Wilson, a relationships expert at the Institute of Psychiatry in London said “It is well known that men select women for fairly superficial reasons, whereas women think much more about the long-term and the qualities and resources needed to bring up children.”

“Men will often find themselves falling into relationships by default after starting off looking for sexual adventure.” he added.

So apparently, the best thing for women to do is worry about their looks. The best thing for men to do is worry about their careers so they can pad their wallets.

Is this study indicative of relationships or just a fluke? What about poor guys and ugly girls. Are they bound to be hooked up and continue this phenomenon?

You can find out more information in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Some of the above information comes from the BBC article: Women ‘choosier’ over partners