Foursquare In Action

So just how cool is Foursquare? I was in a different city (San Francisco), checked in at an Apple Store and discovered one of my “friends” was in the area. Rob Campbell (@tribetalk) handles social media among other things for the Cleveland Indians. He checked in at a restaurant and popped up on my map. My quandary: should I stop by the restaurant and say hello? I didn’t give it much thought. After making a quick trip around the bar, I decided to venture into the restaurant area with hopes I wouldn’t interrupt his meal. If he was eating, I’d just keep walking. Luckily, he was seated in a booth with two friends who appeared to be paying the check. I had to say hello. Given the potential for awkwardness, I made my greeting short and headed off do some sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge. So forget points, mayorships and the leaderboard, this was one of my first real social uses of Foursquare. I did apologize for dropping by the restaurant unexpectedly. Rob (being the good guy that he is) tweeted me back saying he was just telling his two friends about Twitter and Foursquare. I’m glad to have helped him make the point about the power of social media.

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