Time Warner Changes

After a couple of months of hype, Time Warner has finally switched around my channels. I had to go back into my DVR list and change the settings for all of my programs. I forgot to switch Saturday Night Live so I missed two weeks of them. I’m not the best at looking at all of my recordings sometimes.

TWC is also promising a new GUI for the cable box. It’s called Navigator and it’s much more modern looking than the current front-end. My parents already have it in their home. They don’t even live in a metro area and it’s already been downloaded into their cable box.

I called Time Warner this morning and asked why it hadn’t rolled out here in downtown Cleveland. The representative, who was one of the most helpful I’ve ever had while calling TWC, told me I’m actually in the Pennsylvania rate plan area and that will be the last of all of the regions to get the upgrade.

I really liked my Comcast while I had it out in Lorain County but then they did this big cable switch so Comcast pulled out of Northern Ohio. I do like a lot about Time Warner but Comcast wins when it comes to DVR and OnDemand.

I’ll post a review when Navigator finally downloads to my cablebox. The Time Warner rep said that would be this week or the next week for people wondering the same thing.

Frogs, Hogs & Dogs

For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of the frogs, the hogs or the dogs, but I did get the elephants.

And not really an attractive picture at first.

But they sensed the photographer in the crowd and quickly complied.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is currently raising funds to build a new home for the elephants. Click here for more (.pdf)

If You Want More Pictures…

If you want more pictures of the Rib Cook-Off experience, check out Rebecca Wilde’s blog. I have to thank her for inviting me to help with the judging. It was a great experience and I was excited to be a part.

I really had a blast. Who would have thought I would have hung out at the Rib Cook-Out all Sunday long. She and Rodger got some great pictures. Take a look at the photo they took of Seether on stage.
Tonight, I’m off to the Zoo to see their new Frogs, Hogs & Dogs exhibit. Since this post is about pictures, I’m sure I’ll have a couple of photos from the event tonight. Stay tuned!

The Fading Flats

I noticed a couple of nights ago several of the buildings on the East Bank didn’t have windows in them anymore. I figured that could mean one thing, the wrecking equipment wasn’t that far away. When I opened up my blinds this morning, I saw crews hard at work demolishing brick and mortar. One of the buildings contained the “John Harvard’s Brew House“. I think the other one was “Jimmy’s”.

All of this on a day where the Cleveland Plain Dealer runs an exclusive story about the Richard E. Jacobs Group announcing plans to build a new 21-floor downtown office building in the heart of Public Square. The building will be all glass and should give Cleveland a modern look.

Gas Relief

It’s not spelled R-O-L-A-I-D-S in this case.

I’m talking about the fact I’m easing up on driving. This weekend my CRaVe didn’t move out of the garage. I’ve been riding on a tank of gas since Mother’s Day. I still have half of a tank left.

I didn’t just sit idle in my apartment. On Friday, I went to the Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation located at 2187 West 14th Street in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. The food is awesome and the people are just as great. I’ve made it a Memorial Day tradition. My friends picked me up and dropped me off. CRV didn’t move

On Saturday, I took the tour of the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge. It wasn’t all that I thought it was going to be but there was a lot of people along with me. Parts of the bridge have steel grates separating you and the Cuyahoga River. I have to admit being a little skittish walking over that part. I also got to try my hand at the Wii Fit. It’s interesting and intuitive but not enough to make me want to buy a Wii. The rest of Saturday night was low-key. Rock Bottom for a snack, service wasn’t so hot but that’s the first time that’s happened. All walking distance

Sunday was the Fun Day. My friends and I went to the 17th Annual Marc’s Great American Rib Cook-Off & Music Festival. I remember when it was held at Burke Lakefront Airport. I got to be a judge this year. It was a lot of rib eating and a lot of sauce tasting. We didn’t eat all of the rib, we had helpers. Rebecca had Rodger, Molly was along to help me. Let’s just say I’m done eating ribs for a while. We also got to see the bands, Red and Seether. We walked both ways!

Monday was even more lower-key than Saturday night. I cleaned and went domestic. I played a little “Zelda”. Never left my building.

The gas needle (indicator) didn’t even move… Ah, the gas savings!