The Battle Of The Sexes

There have been books written, TV documentaries produced, studies conducted (see my thoughts on studies a little later in this post) about the battle of the sexes. I have to take exception with the constant comparision between men and women. I’m so sick of things being a “guy” or “girl” thing.

“Girls get over relationships faster than guys.” someone will say. “Guys get over relationships faster than girls.” someone else will counter. We’re all human, people, we all deal with life in our own ways. Stereotyping one sex a certain way is just that, a stereotype. We are all human!

In one of her recent posts, Mom2Amara blogged about “girl talk” and how a new study says it’s bad for women to do. Focusing on the negatives and trying to one up the other person with their story of misery. Side note: I think we should study the amount of studies being done out there.

As I commented on her blog, it’s not just a girl thing. Again, we are all human and everyone out there likes to know they’re not the only people out there who are suffering or feeling miserable. What do we share more often, our happiness or our discontent? I’d argue the latter.

How many time have you heard on the phone, at work or at home these kinds of phrases?

  • “I work too much”
  • “I didn’t get enough sleep last night”
  • “I have so much to do”

Conversely, when was the last time anyone of us started our sentence with “Hey, what’s up, i’m having a fantastic day”? If you do that, people will think you’re mentally unstable. We’re for the most part, a negative group, humans, that is. In fact, most times at work when people ask me how I’m doing I normally answer back “Fantastic” but it’s not in a believable fashion. It makes people laugh, mostly and allows me not to lie.

Do you believe all of these studies? Do you think men and women are that drastically different?

Complaining (Formerly “I Hate”)

Maybe I’ve been reading too much of one of my favorite blogs, but I’m feeling I have to bring something up, much in the way Mom2Amara does. If you watched Oprah the other day (I work in television and sometimes have no other choice) There was an entire segment about complaining. Sure, I’ve done my fair share in life. Now, Pastor Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, Missouri has “invented” a purple bracelet and challenged his congregation to stop complaining for 21 days. I think I’d have problems doing it for 21 minutes. I’d like to take Pastor Bowen’s challenge on but I seriously doubt my discipline level would allow me to get that far.

“When they can eradicate complaining from their lives, they truly become happier,” Pastor Will said. I believe this because people who surround theirselves with negative energy attract negative things. People who are positive attract positive things. “If you catch yourself complaining, you take [the bracelet] and you move it to the other wrist,” Will said. The point of the bracelet is to keep it on the same wrist for 21 days. The pastor says scientists believe that’s the length of time it takes to form a new habit. I have other thoughts about 21 days but they aren’t for this post.

Could you do it? I shutter to think of my chances. It’s an interesting challenge!

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