Great Role Models

I have two great role models in my grandparents. Today is their 53rd wedding anniversary. 53 years… I’m sure they’ve gone through headaches, heartaches and more “discussions” than they’d care to admit but they’ve stuck together. What a testament to love.

I hope someday when I tell the woman I want to marry that I’ll be with her through thick and thin, I’ll be able to follow their example of what it takes to weather life and all the tribulations that come along with it. I can’t wait for that day to eventually happen.

I had a very special conversation with my grandfather whose birthday is also today. Sometimes talking to him chokes me up. I value his mentoring over the years and love him dearly. He doesn’t say much but when he does, you know its with his wisdom and his heart.

My grandmother took care of me, my sister and our cousins with all of the energy should could muster. Taking care of all of us wasn’t easy. If you’re looking for religious inspiration, look her way. She truly believes faithfully.

So on this special day for them, I send them my love and thanks for all they’ve done for me through the years. They’ve help mold me into who I am.

Love Stinks! Can You Smell It?

Two of my friends recently broke up. I have known one of them longer than the other but they both are important to me. One of the two is probably hurt and feeling lousy at best. I don’t know for sure because I’ve only had a short text conversation.

This all got me to thinking about relationships, break-ups and taking sides. I remember after my split with my former fiancee, I cut off all interaction with her and her family. Over the course of our relationship, I became very close to one side of her family. I hate still to this day that I can’t see them or their children who really loved seeing me. To see them again though would bring up bitterness and scars I choose not to relieve. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I last saw them.

I hate that one of the two people in the aforementioned couple isn’t communicating with anyone that I know right now. I understand where that person is coming from as they deal with the break-up but it’s tough. You come to know people, get used to them in your life then when they aren’t, you feel like a little part of your life has been taken away.

I know that person reads this blog so I’m hoping they’ll see this post and know that people understand their feelings. I know first hand how tough break-ups are. I suffered, rebuilt my life slowly and now I can finally write about such things without feeling hurt. All of the cliches apply.

  • Time heal old wounds (or takes the sting out of them)
  • Live one day at a time
  • Everything happens for a reason

I stumbled across this site a long time ago and it helps with coping with the loss. I just wonder if they have one for lost friends.