Gavin DeGraw at the Cleveland House Of Blues

The stage before Gavin came out.
Gavin Uplugged, sort of…
A very small crowd. Q104’s winner and her closest 12 friends. There were also a couple of radio and television people there too.
Gavin talking with Jen Tuohey on Q104. I don’t know what Rebecca is doing.

I was lucky to get the chance to go to the “meet & greet” with Gavin DeGraw Friday night at House of Blues. He was very personable. He played “Chariot“, “Cheated On Me” (which I really like), and a song he called “The Drinking Song“.

After the songs, he came down and talked to us for a bit. He suggested we see the movie, “Sweet & Lowdown“. It’s a Woody Allen film and said if we ever got the chance to see this 80’s cover metal band in Las Vegas. I hate 80’s & 90’s big hair bands.

At any rate, I’m going to check out a lot more of Gavin’s music. Awesome stuff.

Afterward, we headed over to Flannery’s to see my friend, Scott Smith, play a set. I was glad my friends liked Scott. He does such a great job! He’s playing again tonight at Flannery’s if you’re looking for something to do. Please check him out!!

Chicago From The Viaduct

That would be Chicago playing at the Plain Dealer Pavilion in Cleveland…

I didn’t get a shot of the PDP but we took advantage of the proximity of my building to the venue to listen to the concert. Actually, if you stand where the picture was taken, you can hear the music better than if you were at the end of the Viaduct. However, at the end of the Viaduct, you can actually see the concert. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Now that the Viaduct is closed to cars for parking, it really has become somewhat of a park atmosphere. You can stroll down without having to worry about getting hit. Now, we have to get the people who walk their dogs to pick up their droppings.

Now, I digress… You’d have thought Chicago would have opened the concert with a classic but we didn’t even recognize the first song. I thought maybe it was an opening act. It must have been from their new album. They rolled out all of their hits during the show and came back for an encore with “26 or 6 to 4”.

Grilling, music and a beautiful night after the storms rolled away.

I’m ready for Earth, Wind & Fire next at the PDP.

This Friday at House of Blues, I’m going to see Gavin DeGraw and Marie Digby. My friend, Scott Smith, plays Flannery’s on Friday and Saturday night. Check him out if you’re in the neighborhood.

Mr. Smith Comes To Cleveland

If you haven’t been treated to Scott Smith when he’s been in town, you need to keep July 11th or 12th open and make a trip to Flannery’s.

He’s coming back for two nights of live acoustic music. Check out his work here.
If you’re in, let me know,

Scott Smith Rockin’ Out

I’ve blogged about Scott Smith in the past and what a talented guy I think he is. If you haven’t seen him at Flannery’s or SouthSide check out his fancy fingerwork for yourself here on a video he posted on myspace, the song is called The Flight. I don’t know why he’s not recording for some big label yet.

He’s promising a summer return to Cleveland for some more shows on July 11th & July 12th at Flannery’s.

Scott Smith’s Comin’ To Cleveland

I’ve written about Scott’s music and his shows before. He’s coming back to the Cleveland area in February.

He’ll be at Flannery’s on Friday, February 1st with Joe Rohan from 9pm until 12:30am.

On Monday, he’ll be at The Euclid Tavern (with Vito!) from 8:00 – 11:00. The Euclid Tavern is located at 11629 Euclid Ave.

On Wednesday, February 6th, He’ll be at my favorite hangout, The Southside from 9pm until 12:00am. The Southside is located at 2207 w. 11th Street.

His songs are fun and he does great covers of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper to name a few. C’mon out and check him out one of the nights.

Scott Smith Cancellation

Hey all, I feel embarrassed, after all of that hype for Scott Smith’s upcoming gig at Flannery’s, this is the message I got today. I’m big time bummed out…


Regretably, I had to cancel my Cleveland trip. Some complications with my son’s schedule call for me to stay in the Carolinas. Bummer. Just wanted to let you know personally. I will rebook with Flannerys.

Hope to see you soon and thanks for the support.

I’m hoping, even with Scott’s cancellation, we’ll all continue plans for Flannery’s this Friday or Saturday night and still have a good time.

Sorry about this unforeseen circumstance, I’ll buy you a beer or something to make up.

Scott Smith Coming To Cleveland

Okay, if you haven’t heard him in the past when he plays Flannery’s, you should save June 1st or 2nd to make it down to East 4th to hear him. Two of his best songs are “Lively” and “Parking Lot”.

If you like Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper or if you’ve heard his new CD, it’ll be two nights of great music. Many of you also know what a music buff I am so this kinda endorsement also don’t come easy. No, he’s not paying me for these words but I do feel like I should get some sort of promoter’s fee.

I’ll most likely be there on Saturday night for sure. Don’t just come for me, Scott’s great in concert, very laid back! You’ll want to sing along with his covers and learn the words to his songs. Check out his page,

New Music!!

Those who know me well, know how much music means to me. I love finding good new music.

I found a great new CD. It’s by Scott Smith. He’s a South Carolina musician who plays in northern Ohio every once and a while. He released his CD, Quicksand Remedies, at Flannery’s last month. I was there that night. The CD was ten bucks so I bought one and it’s great.

When he performs, he does a lot of covers; Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper. I think he even did Rodeo Clowns by G. Love the night I was there. He’s got the whole acoustic funk jazz thing going on. It’s great chill music.

Check out his music on his myspace page or website.