Thank You For This…

This week, I dole out another list of Thank Yous!

Thank you to Alicia for giving me some Aleve this morning to stop my headache in its tracks. The dang thing was there when I got up then went away, regrouped and came back with a vengeance.

Thank you to drivers around Cleveland for not going crazy in the snow. Yes, we’ve been there before, we’ll be there again. Go slow, drive cautiously and don’t slam on the brakes. We’ll all be thanking each other in the end.

Thank you to the security guard in my building for being on patrol and doing his job but scaring the living bejesus out of me. Of course, I didn’t think he’d be in my garage but he was. Talk about the fight or flight reflex.

Thank you for Angel at the Super Duper Bestest Ever Cuts Clips hairdo place for not screwing up my hair when I needed an emergency trim. Okay, there wasn’t really an emergency, it was some part being lazy, some part busy on my part. Oh, yeah, there was a little extra tip for her when she said I was handsome. Go on and flatter me, it works.

Thank you to my friends and family for being there to let me talk to them. Yes, I know I talk more than you do. Realize I’m always there to listen to you when you have something on your mind. Extra thank you to my mom who gave me the gift of gab and my father who gave me the ability to, well, BS, if I need to. Both are equally important.

Thank you to Narm for posting one of the most confusing and scary blog entries ever. I’m just happy I’m not the only person out there who doesn’t know where his head is. I felt even to scared to comment on said post.

Thank you to the maintenance guy who forgot to turn my friend’s refrigerator back on. Of course, she didn’t need all of that food she had inside of her fridge. I know she enjoyed spending some of her time cleaning out that spoiled food. Oh well, I know she’s happy she’s buying a bunch of food at Heinen’s to replace all of it on your company’s dollar. Oh, I can’t even issue a “Thank You” for the Q-Tips, that’s just gross. ‘Nuff said!

Thank you to Daniel “Boobie” Gibson for showing up for his interview on NewsChannel 5, even if it was a little late. It was great having him on our air.

Thank you to Mother Nature for a weekend snow, now if I just had my skiis fitted. Time to ski! Woot!