taawd In Paris

I did a little photoshopping to this picture. It’s one of the pictures from the European trip that I’ve put up in my new place. It’s tough to see but I’m in color in the rest of the picture is black and white.

Weekend Vibrations…

An active day. I got up and cleaned. Believe me, I needed to clean. How can things get so messy? Rhetorical question but one that can be easily answered. I’ve also been wanting to go to the local Farmer’s Market for some weeks now. I’ve just had plans that prevented me from doing so. I got a dozen ears of corn and already had three of them. I love sweet corn on the cob! It’s a dinner tradition this time of year for my family. I’d never think of corn as an entire meal any other time but it’s acceptable now.

Speaking of meals, I had brunch at First Watch and some quality conversation. Good catch-up time outside that almost reminded me a little of Europe. Okay, it was just the whole sitting outside deal. But I digress… I also did a little shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s a fairly small grocery store but you could spend a lot of time inside looking at everything for sale.

I’ve increased my run once again. Today, I got in six miles on the elliptical. I’m thankful for that. I’m going to try to get an off day run in tomorrow of three miles.

What I’m most thankful for today is the two hour nap God granted me. Why do I say this? First, that I was able to sleep for this long in the middle of the day, that’s amazing. Secondly, I didn’t turn my cell phone off and that’s just a recipe for someone to wake me up is even more amazing!

BBAD Update: Things are relatively quiet in the Big Brother house. Amber is distancing herself from the rest of the houseguests. She and Zach are upon the block. Zach is using every chance he gets to campaign for himself with everyone. I think he’s cloned himself. Everytime they change cameras he seems to be in the frame. Jessica is loving her HOH status. Jameka is also using Jessica’s win to hang out and plot with her. During Friday night’s BBAD, they showed Jameka praying and crying for a long time before Jessica came up to the room and started talking to her. Jessica also claimed she’s very into church but doesn’t bring it up much for competitive reasons. ED and Daniele spent a lot of time plotting their moves in the house. Eric’s keeping a low-profile. He doesn’t have much to worry about with Jessica in control of the house.

Lastly, I finally got some additional pictures back from Europe and my friend took one of me that I really like. You have to look at it closely but it’s a great picture and I plan on framing it. In fact, after posting it, you probably have to click on it to get the full effect.

Hope you’re enjoying you weekend so far as much as I have!

Bookin’ The Flight

The flight to Europe is reserved. Always, however, there’s a story. I booked the flight to Amsterdam and then back from Europe online at continental.com. There must have been some problems with the computer because it returned an error. It advised me to hit the back button and submit the request again. I did this four times and then it said my credit card company turned down the request.

After a call to the company to find out why my credit limit was lowered. It wasn’t. Actually, it was bumped up. My credit card company told me I had four flights to Europe pending on my card. I quickly hung up with the representative and called Continental. They were able to clear three of them off of my card. I have yet to check my balance with my credit card company but I’m assuming it’s okay. Yes, yes, I’m gonna check.

If you didn’t think that was enough, I ended up booking the wrong flight to Amsterdam. Continental, thankfully, changed my flight for free because of the problems with my booking online. Now, things are set for Europe. Honestly, we’re going to have a great time! We can’t wait to go…

Here’s an open call for advice on this trip. We’ll take any suggestions you have to offer, that’ll make this trip one we won’t forget!

Suddenly Saturday…

Out of nowhere the week is over and it’s suddenly Saturday. I’m going to spend the day catching up on everything around the house. It needs a little TLC after a crazy week of being here, there and everywhere. I have to workout, get a new wine glass (I broke one of them in my set — It’s just a trip to World Market. I hate not having the right amount. Call me crazy but it’s what I do best!) One of my friends is celebrating her 30th birthday a couple of days after the fact this evening and I promised an appearance. That’ll be after a nap later today.

The interesting thing is June will be even nuttier than May has been. I have two concerts and that looming trip to Europe which I still haven’t bought tickets for. That purchase will be made tomorrow after brainstorming my itinerary today. I found out from my great aunt that my great grandfather’s grandparents (try to follow me) lived in Basel, Switzerland. I believe that will be part of my trip and I think I’m flying back to Cleveland from Paris. I may end up leaving all of my money in Europe but what the heck, right?!?

That brings me to one of the concerts I’m going to see next month, The Barenaked Ladies. I have to figure out a way to meet them. Jennie did it with G. Love (that is meet him!) I’m thinking about e-mailing their management company. If that falls short, I’m gonna call in some favors from some of my radio friends. I’ve been a fan (although I hate that word) since 1991 and if you do the math, that means 16 years, folks! It’s probably time we get to trade pleasantries and photos. I also have to figure out how to get the rest of my people backstage as well. Any ideas I didn’t think about? Leave me a comment