Music Revival

I’m in a “back to music” mode again. I’ll dwell on music for a long time then go out and search for new stuff. I’ve always been a big fan of the “Barenaked Ladies” but they’ve not had a new album for some time. So who’s got me listening or obsessing over music again? Jack Johnson and Natasha Bedingfield. Johnson just scored his first number one album with the soundtrack to “Curious George”. Nice work! It’s taken too long for the public to accept him. Bedingfield has great hooks in her song with intelligent yet fun lyrics.

What are some of my favorites?

Banana Pancakes – Will leave you longing for a rainy day so that you can stay inside and listen to the song and prepare some flapjacks with nanners.

Gone – It’s a short little ditty but it packs a big message. The catchy tune caught the ears of the Black Eyed Peas. If you like Jack’s version, also check out the BEP’s hip hop interpretation.

Upside Down – This one will have you feeling like a kid again when you thought the entire world was at your disposal. Just try to get this one out of your head after listening to it!

Better Together – A laidback love song that’ll have you singing along!

These Words – Struggling to write a song, find the right lyric and the hook… Well, she did it with a mind-numbing pop gem.

Unwritten – Bedingfield’s scores another one with this one. Both of these songs also have some wicked remixes out there.

If you’re looking for something different, check out Eva Cassidy. Yahoo! her and check out her story and songs. A beautiful voice who left the earth much too early.

No need for a Classic Song Flashback… Any of these songs above will do!

IE 7.0 Beta 2

Well, I’m trying it for the first time tonight and it’s slick. Of course everyone will be so used to using the “old” version, so just like me, they’ll find themselves trying the old keystrokes or mouse clicks to manuever around. Everytime, I try to navigate to my favorites, I still point the mouse to the top. The bar is no longer there. The tabs are nice. The button with four squares will give you a thumbnail of the window, that’s cool. Not having 18 open windows just while surfing the web is a big plus. I have to get into the RSS world. I haven’t dabbled too much there. Well, check it out for yourself, head to

Classic song flashback: “Changes” by David Bowie