Typical Clevelander’s St. Patrick Day

I can’t take credit for this. I found one person’s supposed schedule on the Internet

St. Patricks Day Itinerary
8:00 snoopy snowcone maker Jamison slushy
9:00 Rapid, look how “wasted” i am
10:30 West Side IA mass at St Colemans
11:31 First pee “Aaaaah”
12:00 Velvet dog/W. 6th/Flannery’s/Clevelander
1:05 Parade begins
1:45 arrive at parade
1:50 move away from guy with big loud green horn
1:50 piper doown
1:55 find bathroom is locked at Subway
2:00 Prodigals @ HOB
2:15 first horrible corned beef sandwich
2:30 I think I can still irish dance
2:45 run into people i don’t like/ don’t remember name
3:00 witness first fight- drunk old man v house of pain/keepin it real
4:00 jamison
4:15 chaser
4:30 bathroom
5:00 Beer muscles need refueling in westpark
5:15 oh yeah, i have a camera-group picture!
5:30 10th bathroom break
6:00 Realize I am more handsome, charming, and funny than ever
6:01 hey,baby, whucher name? I’m Dannyboy
6:30 First drunk dial/tell friends with kids that they suck
7:00 maybe water is a good idea
7:30 guilted into buying raffle tickets
7:45 I’m not slurring my words, am I?
7:45 bathroom
8:15 will eat anything
9:00 realize St. Patricks Day is my own personal groundhog day
9:30 feeling snoozy, I think I’ll just lay down here for a second… zzzzzz

Whoever this guy is, I have to give him credit for an accurate portrayal of what happens in Cleveland March 17th. I hope he doesn’t fall asleep on a curb, I hope its his bed, instead!

Friday’s Here…

and I’m not dead yet. Nope, I made it through my first week working the vampire-ish shift overnight. Yes, I know, some detractors out there would say I’m whining but when you completely switch your body around going to sleep when you normally get up and vice-versa, it’s a little kick to your system.

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday and look for everyone in Cleveland to turn Irish if only for the day. There’s the parade which is one of the biggest celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. St. Patrick’s Day is practically a holiday in Cleveland because everyone takes off work for the day to celebrate being or not being Irish.

Bars will open early. The House Of Blues is opening at 5am. Flannery’s will start the beer flowing at 5:30am along with some great breakfast. That restaurant/bar will be packed and the people who get out of line will have to answer to DeShawn. Believe me, you don’t want to have him on your bad side. Even the Martini bar in my building is pushing their celebration.

It’s always a good time if you can stay away from the fights and the really drunk people. They’re the ones normally who are drinking the green beer at 5am in the morning. All of the TV station morning shows will be at one of the bars broadcasting live.

Make sure you’re wearin’ the green and be safe,